The Video Round Up: December 8th, 2015

the video round up december 8th 2015 mountain
The Video Round Up is a new series highlighting videos and multimedia content that caught our eyes. Getting stoked on travel, good food, and extreme sports is best when shared with friends, so we’ll be posting a bi-weekly series on our favorite videos we find from every corner of the web. Have a tip or some awesome footage? Shoot an email to

16th Annual Powder Awards

This past weekend we attended the Powder Awards in Salt lake City. Honoring the best action of the year in skiing, the Awards Show is one of the best parties in the action sports world. While the most prestigious award of the night is Movie of the Year, the real winner was skier, Angel Collinson. She ended up winning the Powder Poll, Best Female Performance, and Best Line (the first female to do so). We recommend you head over to Powder’s Youtube channel and check out all the action.

Yama Mountain Gear

Gen Shimizu founded Yama Mountain Gear to cater to long distance backpackers. He has completed the Appalachian Trail, rode the Great Divide Route – on a unicycle! – and is chipping away at the Pacific Crest Trail. His philosophy on learning what each trail has to teach a hiker, and to just enjoy nature is a great lesson for all of us to learn. We expect more great things to come from his line up of top notch gear.

Lands of Wind

This beautifully filmed short explores a months long journey through Peru and Bolivia. Each shot is a short window into life in parts South. After watching it through a couple of times, we are suddenly planning a long trip to South America for some exploring.

Bespoken Fall/Winter 2015

Founded by brothers Sam and Liam Fayed in 2008, Bespoken is quickly becoming a force to be wreckoned with in men’s fashion. Their Fall/Winter line this year puts the brothers’ personal touches on cold weather classics. They’ve also got a curated Gift Guide of their own, should you need some inspiration for ther stylish gentleman on your list.

Food & Drink

A Professional Chef’s Baking Tips and Tricks for First-Timers

Bake up a storm this holiday season with these pointers from Tiffany MacIsaac, chef and owner of ButterCream BakeShop in Washington, D.C.

Meet Donnie Vincent, a Bear Hunter Who Gives a Damn About Nature

The bear-hunting conservationist chats with The Manual about tracking bears, conserving nature, the sadness of a kill, and the problem trophy hunting.

10 Fiction Podcasts You Should Totally Get Sucked Into

Sit back, relax, and prepare for intrigue and adventure with the best serialized fiction podcasts.
Fashion & Style

OB/VS Founder Kelly Dachtler on Climate-Adaptable Footwear and Changing the Shoe Game

"It's a three-in-one sneaker that converts into the ideal shoe for whatever environment you may find yourself in ... There has never been anything like it."

High-End Style Meets High-End Performance at Sawmill House in the California Desert

Inspired by tents around the campfire, Sawmill house embraces the land by opening up to it.

Why Your Desk Chair Matters and the 7 Best to Boost Your Productivity

A bad chair doesn’t just lead to a bad back.

Chimney House in Slovenia Pays Homage to Its 16th Century Neighbors

Chimney House was designed with a traditional pitched roof, but with a contemporary twist.

Going off the Grid? You’ll Need These Essentials

Whether you're saying goodbye to society for a month-long campout or an indefinite plunge into the wild, going off the grid requires careful planning and preparation.
Food & Drink

This Smart Oven Bakes, Steams, and Broils Perfect Meals at the Push of a Button

The Tovala Steam Oven delivers professional-quality meals and all you have to do is scan a barcode.

Marcel Breuer’s Stillman Cottage Is Up For Grabs

You may not know the name Marcel Breuer, but you know his designs.

Beards, Booze, and Bacon: The Party Planning Episode

Party planner to the stars, Bronson van Wyck, joins the crew of Beards, Booze, and Bacon to tell them what to do and what not to do when throwing a party.

Survive the Apocalypse in Doomsday Bunkers That Are Mildly Terrifying But Super Luxurious

Enjoy penthouse-quality accommodations during the end of the world.
Food & Drink

The Complete Guide to Types of Kitchen Knives and Their Uses

You could be missing out on the perfect utensil for making sushi, slicing ribs, or creating radish roses and not even know it.

How to Build a Fire Pit with Your Own Two Hands

It's time to rekindle that fire — the drive to take an idea, make a plan, and build something. Here's how to build a fire pit.