The Manual’s Top Five Lifestyle Journals Right Now

The paper vs. digital argument is by now, a very tired one. But in the spirit of resurrecting pages, we are quite excited to find ourselves amidst the age of the journal. Unlike a magazine, this crop of specialist publications is predominantly produced on the finest paper, with staggeringly sharp photography and insightful and creatively written articles on niche subjects. Read on to discover five of our favourites and embrace a little paper love-in.

The Travel Almanac

Essentially, this Berlin/New York-based journal is a collection of priceless travel anecdotes from achingly cool figures such as Willem Dafoe and beautiful field day shots from far-reaching corners of the world that feel unspoilt and unseen. Issue six features an interview with Juergen Teller who shares his memories from a terrifying jungle experience in Caracas.


This food slash travel publication is all about a stripped back, ultra-clean aesthetic. Aside from the hang on your wall-worthy visual appeal, the content is enthralling and utterly original. We love Richard Aslan’s in-depth feature on corn cultivation and Elizabeth Schwyzer’s tribute to Californian Waves featured in issue 4.

Human Being Journal

Don’t be put off by the fact that this biannual journal is a product of Virginia-based clothing brand Need Supply Co. – the quality of the content and photography is awesome; think page upon page of natural landscapes and candid portraits of personalities that jump right off the page. Issue 3 features work by Berlin-based photographer Bene Brandhofer and an interview with American artist Landon Metz.


This journal is a celebration of all things cool and British. Boasting a very stylish execution, Article goes deep to present real British culture. The content is more Victorian menswear brands and London barbershops than Union Jacks and the Queen. The journal lifts the lid on gritty and exciting Brit culture and we love the sharp collector’s edition of issue two.

Victory Journal

Finally, a little something for sport fans, but get ready to ingest your sports journalism with bucket loads of design integrity. Now on its fifth issue, Victory bases each edition on a different concept and profiles on sports stars, articles and photo stories are then formulated. Dubbed ‘Water’, issue 5 features an interview with infamous one-eyed surfer Derek Hynd and a black and white portfolio of divers photographed by Anthony Blasko.


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