The Dirt about Detergent in Hand Soap

Moksa Organic Hand Soap

Whether you sport a wedding band, your high school class ring or or a family heirloom on a daily basis we bet you have had this dilemma- cracked, irritated skin under the ring. How does this happen when we do what mama told us and wash our hands after bathroom breaks, before eating and pre toddler play? Therein lies the issue.

We discovered that most hand soaps out there are made with ‘detergent’ soap. So basically we are washing our hands with chemicals that get trapped under that romantic wedding band and start eating away at our flesh. Gross.

We discovered an awesome alternative on our friend’s site, O&N Collective, called Mōksa organics and had a chat with the founder, Melanie Martin. Here is what she had to say on the subject.

(Note to self, if you are in a public place away from such luxuries as organic soap, remove rings before washing, just don’t leave them on the sink to fall or be forgotten!)

Is it true that there is detergent in everyday hand soap?

Well, it’s a safe assumption that most mainstream hand soaps out there are detergents.   A real quick and simple science lesson:  hand or body cleansers are either detergents or soaps.  Detergents are similar to soap, in the sense that they are cleaning agents, but they are made of sulfates.  For example, you might see sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate listed as a first ingredient.  True soaps are made from the fatty acids of plant oils.

What does detergent do to the skin?

Detergents can prove to be extremely drying.  Sulfates clean by stripping oils completely, including your body’s natural oils. The end result is that your hands can become perpetually dry, cracked and painful.  The cycle continues with every hand wash and chapped hands don’t get a chance to heal.

What does Moksa use to replace detergent?

We use only pure plant oils and pure essential oils that provide beautiful, natural smells and healing properties.  For example, plant oils that have high a fatty acid content are extremely healing to the skin. Our ingredients are 100% certified organic coconut oil, olive oil, hempseed oil, pumpkin oil, pure essential oils and vitamin E.  Our hand soaps will fully clean your hands without stripping them completely or causing dryness.

What are the benefits? 

Pure essential oils provide a wonderful benefit of aromatherapy.  Essential oils can help with stress, and can boost or enhance your mood. Essential oils such as mint can ease upset stomach, nausea, or headaches caused by stress.  Lavender oil can help with sleep and calming.  There are so many wonderful benefits!  Other benefits include eliminating overly dry and cracked hands.  Vitamin E and plant oils soothe and clean the skin without drying.


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