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A bunch of Olaplex Cyber Monday deals just went live


Black Friday may be over with, but there’s no time to relax if you’re in the market for some savings, as Cyber Monday deals are ripe for the picking. At Walmart we’re seeing top men’s grooming products from Olaplex offered at some impressive Cyber Monday discounts. Olaplex makes fine oils, shampoos, and conditioners to keep your hair feeling fresh and premium. Savings range from just a few dollars to tens of dollars, which is great when it is off of a small bottle of hair product. Tap below to pick up your next bottle of oil, shampoo, or conditioner quickly or read on for some of the highlights of the sale.

Why You Should Shop the Olaplex Cyber Monday Deals

It can be easy to miss the amid all of the shampoo and conditioner deals throughout the Olaplex lineup. As a result we want to highlight it by pointing out its strengthening abilities as well as its knack for treating dry hair. While its primary function is to repair damaged hair and reduce fly-aways, it’ll also help revitalize the oils of your scalp. While this deal is ongoing, the Olaplex No. 7 Bonding Oil has dropped from $30 for a 30ml bottle to just $26

However, our favorite deal in the sale is on the in the Olaplex Bond Maintenance line. Part of this is because buying a set like this gives us the same one-click satisfaction as buying 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner bottles. The other part is because we’ve already seen and talked about the results via our Anthony Urbano Grooming Journal. The pair of 250ml bottle is usually $60, but has dropped down by $10 to $50 for this deal.

To check out these Cyber Monday deals, as well as the rest of what Olaplex has to offer, just tap the button below. If you’re just getting interested in the more premium world of shampoo available, go check out our listing of the best shampoos for men as well. Reading about a variety of products is a good way to get your bearings, see what shampoo can really do for your hair, and help start to gauge prices. Plus, you might find something worth buying.

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