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Why Winc’s Black Friday Sale Is the Perfect Gift for Wine Lovers

There’s a wine for everybody, it’s just a matter of finding it. With a broad selection of tasty discoveries, Winc can pair your taste with what will likely become your new favorite bottle of Pinot Noir, Rosé, or sparkling.

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Winc’s online membership boasts a well of interesting wines, which the outfit selects and ships to you based on your preferences. After filling out a breezy, six-question quiz that illustrates the styles and varietals you’re drawn to, Winc assembles a palate-pleasing shipment just for you. It’s like having your own private sommelier, combing the wine map for your next favorite glass pour.

One of Winc’s greatest traits is its nimble nature. Members are allowed to customize or skip various shipments, as well as cancel anytime. The wines hail from all over the planet, from California and Italy to Argentina and Portugal. The varietal spectrum is equally wide, including Chardonnay, Riesling, Zinfandel, Grenache, Viognier, and many more.

A wine personality is often as unique as the person drinking it and imbibers expect options. That’s why Winc has filed its wines into various categories of interest, like those made sustainably, or with low sulfur. There are even lower-alcohol options, natural wines, and organic offerings. And for the apple crowd, there’s even a growing list of ciders available.

Members are encouraged to rate wines as they go to increasingly fine-tune their preferences and ensure they always get something to their liking. Many of the wines are exclusive and can’t be found at any tasting room or bottle shop. Winc boasts its own vintner and sommelier, along with special partnerships with producers all over the globe. The company stresses small-batch wines that stress character over volume.

Countless wine clubs are weighed down by expensive membership fees and the lack of control. Often, wineries simply select a handful of wines and send them out, without taking into account customer subjectivity. Winc knows that there’s too much great wine out there to have a bad experience and therefore focuses on matching the drinker with their most desirable bottling. It’s a match made in heaven for anybody interesting in the vast world of wine.

Members gain access to all kinds of tremendous offerings, from simple and refreshing Tuesday night wines to more complex offerings one might hold onto until a holiday or special occasion. The California-based company reminds us that good wine is for all, it’s just about linking what you truly like with what’s out there.

The Black Friday special is a massive one and something any wine enthusiast shouldn’t pass up. Winc is offering 50% off your first order when you place it with the code 2020holiday50. That’s half-off approachable, food-friendly wines that will do great on the table no matter what you’re eating and who you’re hosting. Think of it as getting an extra bottle for every bottle you purchase.

You’ve taken care of your body by shopping for the best exercise bike deals during Black Friday. You’ve treated your mind to some stimulation by way of an online course through Masterclass. Now, toast yourself with the gift of exciting and inviting wines, delivered directly to you.

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