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This Cotton Candy Maker Is $20 At Walmart For Cyber Monday 2022

Bella cotton candy machine.

You know what the problem with cotton candy from the circus is? It only comes in one flavor: Sugar. Blue sugar or pink sugar, take your pick. That’s not the case with the which is on sale at Walmart for Cyber Monday 2022 for just $20, nearly 50% off its usual asking price of $35.

That’s because while the Bella Cotton Candy Maker can certainly make the classic circus dessert we all know and love, it can also crank out cotton candy of just about any flavor you can imagine thanks to its nifty design that converts any hard candy into a nice big cloud of sugary bliss in about two minutes flat. Drop a couple of grape Jolly Ranchers into the spinner and treat yourself to a pillow of purple goodness. Break a few candy canes up and feed them to the Bella for a unique holiday treat. Get crazy and pour a box of Nerds into the hopper, the only limit is your imagination.

What’s even better here is that for folks watching their sugar intake (keto dieters, we’re looking at you), the Bella also works with sugar-free candy as well. That means you can indulge your sweet tooth with anything from sugar-free Lifesavers to your grandparent’s stockpile of sugar-free Werther’s Original caramels.

Of course, we’re not here to sweet-shame, and if classic cotton candy is your bag, the Bella will also take any number of the pre-made cotton candy mixes on the market from folks like Nostalgia and Benchmark USA.

What we really dig about the Bella is that it comes with everything you need to crank out cotton clouds for years to come, you just have to add the sweets. Every kit includes three reusable plastic cones and a measuring spoon, all of which are dishwasher safe. Speaking of dishwasher safe, the Bella might sound like a sticky proposition when it’s time to clean up, but this cotton candy maker is actually built for speed and convenience. Both the lid and the actual candy bowl are 100% dishwasher safe as well, and the entire machine breaks down quickly and easily for fast cleaning.

The machine itself isn’t too tough on the eyes either, with a vintage red-and-white-striped paint job and simple one-button interface. Honestly, we wouldn’t mind keeping one behind the home bar: Who doesn’t love the thought of dreaming up new candy-themed cocktails for some extra wow-factor at your next social gathering?

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