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NewAir Discounts Beverage Fridges, Ice Makers, and More to Upgrade Your Home

Partying and get-togethers are more difficult now than ever. But, if you’re ready to get back into entertaining — whether for just you and your significant other or with an intimate group of friends — it’s probably time to upgrade your house party toolkit. If you’re still relying on an old-school kitchen fridge as the centerpiece of your beer and wine storage and cocktail-making station, you (and your guests) deserve better. NewAir delivers, with a wide variety of niche appliances for every social occasion.

NewAir’s catalog of premium beverage fridge appliances is already quite affordable. Right now, however, the company is making those appliances even more enticing with deep discounts site wide. Use NEWAIR8 at checkout to score 8% off purchases of $100 or more, or NEWAIR50 for a $50 discount on purchases of $350 and up. Why not order a couple of things? You’re worth it.

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NewAir 126 Can Beverage Fridge

NewAir AB-1200 Mini Beverage Fridge

Ever since discovering NewAir’s 24-inch 177-can beverage fridge, we’ve been a little obsessed. If you’re in the market for something more compact and affordable with most of the same bells and whistles, the 126-can mini beverage fridge is a solid alternative. The roomy interior holds more than 20 full six-packs and is configurable for storing a variety of different sized bottles and cans. The seven-mode, set-and-forget thermostat promises to keep your beverages of choice well-chilled. Clad in sleek stainless steel, this smaller version also features a clean, contemporary design that looks great in any room.

NewAir Countertop Clear Ice Maker

Of course, to take your entertaining to the next level also requires quality ice. If you’re planning parties of any more than two people, that means a quality ice maker. NewAir offers a range of countertop ice makers to ensure you and your guests are never without a properly chilled beverage. At less than $250, the Clearice40 is the company’s mid-range offering. Despite its compact size, it reliably puts out a new batch of ice every seven minutes, up to 40 pounds per day. With slower melting, less fizz, and better taste, the crystal clear cubes are perfect for cocktails.

NewAir 16 Bottle Compressor Wine Fridge

The fanciest soirees and dinner parties usually call for a bottle of wine or six. Your wine deserves better than sitting in the forgotten cabinet above your stove. For that, you need a legit wine fridge. NewAir’s 16-bottle wine fridge is an affordable, ultra-compact solution designed to fit even the smallest kitchens. Removable shelving allows for easy customization if you prefer your bottles on the heftier (read magnum) side. The powerful compressor guarantees wine stays chilled between 39 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit. An exterior thermostat control and double-paned glass help maintain a constant temperature while protecting your vino from harmful UV rays. Plus, the stainless steel exterior matches many of NewAir’s other products and looks great in almost any room of your house.

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