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Don’t Wait Until Black Friday to Buy an Instant Pot — Shop NOW

Instant Pot, 6-quart duo electric pressure cooker.

Every year, shoppers use the discounts Black Friday brings to upgrade their kitchen, with a variety of Nespresso deals and Instant Pot deals to choose from, among other possible options. The many models of the Instant Pot, in particular, have been very helpful to families because of their multiple functionalities within one device. But if you see an early Black Friday deal on an Instant Pot, it’s highly recommended that you take advantage of it so you won’t have to deal with distribution woes pushing the delivery date back.

Last year’s Black Friday was plagued with supply chain issues, with products selling out quickly or arriving late after purchasing them. Unfortunately, the same problems are expected to happen again this year, so if you don’t want to wait a long time to get your hands on the Instant Pot you paid for, you should purchase one ahead of Black Friday. Fortunately, retailers have already rolled out discounts for certain models of the kitchen appliance — you just need to be patient when you’re looking through the various offers online.

Instant Pots are some of the most purchased products on Black Friday, and retailers don't have enough stock to go around this year -- shop now!

If you choose to wait for this year’s Black Friday deals, there’s a high chance that the Instant Pot you purchase won’t arrive in time for the holidays, which will be a problem if you’re planning to give the kitchen appliance to a loved one or to yourself as a gift. You may also be planning to use the Instant Pot in preparing the family’s feast for an upcoming gathering. The delay will likely happen if you’re going for one of the more popular models of the Instant Pot, or the one that will get the biggest discount on Black Friday.

There’s a chance there will be bigger discounts for the Instant Pot you want to buy once Black Friday arrives, but it will likely be for just a few more dollars compared with what you can enjoy in the early Black Friday deals. What’s the point in slightly bigger savings when it will be harder to secure stocks? That’s why you shouldn’t wait for Black Friday before you buy an Instant Pot. If you see a deal you like now, don’t hesitate to take advantage of it.

With an air fryer lid providing a slew of new cooking features in the kitchen, the Instant Pot Duo Crisp is a marvelous tool for any home chef, combining 11 different ways to cook in one package. more
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Instant Omni Plus

$225 $250
A 10-in-1 version of your favorite small appliance, this one doubles as a small convection oven and toaster oven. more
Watch your meal as it air fries, roasts, broils, bakes, reheats, or dehydrates with the ClearCook window and internet light. Minimal preheating time with one-touch smart programs for popular foods. more
This family-sized Instant Pot has 15 one-touch preprogrammed buttons to make cooking easier. It's a 9-in-1 kitchen convenience supported by cooks worldwide. more
This model pressure cooks up to 15 psi and adds sous vide cooking to the function mix. Six-quart Instant Pots are the right size for up to 6 people. more
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This Instant Pot has 11 functions, including a pressure cooker, air fryer, rice cooker, and dehydrator. more

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