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Last-Minute Deal: Why You Should Buy a Chef Knife This Cyber Monday

Black Friday is no more, but there’s still time to get great deals on chef’s knives on Cyber Monday! You’ll have to hurry though, this is your last chance to get these deals. The holiday season is no time to try to be prepping meals with old, dull knives. If you require some new blades but are on a budget, you really only need one sharp, well-crafted chef’s knife.

For a professional chef, their knife is an extension of their arm — it’s an essential kitchen tool. With a skilled hand, it can tackle the task of any specialty knife. Don’t worry if you’re not a professional chef or even a novice cook. Once you find the right chef’s knife, you’ll be chopping and serving great holiday meals.

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Where to Find the Best Last-Minute Chef Knife Sales

If you don’t have the luxury of visiting a store (which is very understandable in our current climate), then hopefully this guide to choosing the best chef’s knife will help. A great chef knife can be pricey, so there’s no better reason to take advantage of some of these Black Friday deals from some of our favorite merchants.

  • Sur La Table Sur la Table has some of the most premier chef knife brands around. An added perk is that all knives ship free!
  • Wayfair Wayfair has a ton of great chef’s knives right for any skill level, and everything ships free!
  • We were surprised with Macy’s selection of premium chef’s knife brands and great deals. They offer free shipping at $25 and get an extra 20% off at checkout with code CYBER.
  • Williams Sonoma Williams Sonoma has some heavy discounts up to 65% on some great chef knives for a limited time.
  • You’ll need to do a little searching to find a chef’s knife in’s massive selection of Cyber Monday cutlery deals, but once you do you’ll be glad you took the time to search.
  • Just like at their brick and mortar stores, Nordstrom Rack’s chef knife deals might be buried under a ton of other kitchen sale items. But, once you do you’ll come away with some great steals.

Hurry and Choose a Chef Knife During Cyber Monday

If your knife skills are already pretty sharp, you might enjoy a Japanese chef’s knife. Japanese knives are known for having a razor’s edge and are used for more precise cuts. If your knife skills need some honing, a German chef’s knife may be for you. German chef’s knives are known for being durable, heavier with better balance, and hold the edge of their blades longer. In the end, it really comes down to preference when choosing the perfect chef knife. Though you should also make sure you pick the right steel for knives as well.

Since knives are a tool (a deadly tool at that), it’s always nice to be able to hold one in your hand before you commit to buying one. If you can make it to a store with a great cutlery selection, we suggest you go and try some on. A store with a dedicated knife section should have floor models of their knives, just like a car dealership.

Knife manufacturers these days tout a lot of different features such as having a full tang, being hand-forged versus stamped, and a full or partial bolster. They do this to try to differentiate their brands. Though they should be considered when you purchase your knife, these features don’t particularly make a chef’s knife good or bad. Three areas are most important to consider when choosing a chef’s knife, or any type of kitchen knife for that matter.

  1. Size: A chef’s knives typically range anywhere from 6 to 14 inches, with the more common lengths falling between 8 and 10. Obviously, a shorter blade gives you more precision, but a long knife can handle more volume. Width also comes into play. Japanese santoku knives tend to be a bit wider, giving you more area for scooping and crushing food. While the German steel knives tend to be thinner with a fine point for more precision carving and pitting. Think of what you’ll be slicing and dicing the most, and try to imagine the perfect size.
  2. Weight, Balance, and Feel: In our opinion, these are possibly the most important factors to consider. You can instantly feel the difference between a well-made knife and a cheap one. With a well-balanced knife, you should be able to balance it on one or two fingers on the bolster (the area between the blade and the handle). While Japanese knives tend to be lighter than German knives, both should have balance. The weight is a matter of preference but can become a comfort factor if you’re planning on using the knife professionally, spending hours prepping food. On that note, it’s crucial that the handle feel comfortable to you.
  3. Price: When it comes to buying anything, price is always a factor. Although it would be very cool to own a hand-forged mini Japanese Samurai sword for $300, it’s unnecessary. You can easily find a quality chef’s knife between $80 to $100. Anything above that you’re paying for a brand name. Also, there’s no harm in going through a few cheap chef’s knives until you find a style you like, then spring for a premium name later on.

Once you have an idea of which one you want, politely tell the store clerk that you have to think about it, then come find a great deal through one of the online merchants above.

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