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Forget Bowflex: These Adjustable Dumbbells are on Sale for Under $100

Skonyon 25lb Adjustable Dumbbell with weight plate on white bg

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again, you need to incorporate dumbbells in your next workout. They’re versatile, they help you isolate muscle groups during exercises, and you can turn pretty much anything into a dumbbell if you don’t have some handy. Of course, there are a bunch of cheap dumbbell deals going on, be sure to give them a look if you need a set.

You can also check out the awesome dumbbells that Walmart is offering on sale right now. The Skonyon 25-pound Adjustable Dumbell, with a weight plate, is $80 with free delivery. You’re saving $50 on a single dumbbell. If you grab two for a full set, you’re saving $100. It’s time to pump you up.

If you’ve never used an adjustable dumbbell like this before, here’s how it works. The handle, or dumbbell bar, slides into place between the weight plates. Using a locking mechanism, you choose the amount of weight you need, slide it into place, and then lift the dumbbell out of the tray. It’s super easy to swap between the 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25-pound increments. You can switch from a low weight capacity to a high one, quickly.

The Skonyon Adjustable Dumbbell offers up to 25-pounds max, per unit. The deal is only for a single unit, so you’re getting just one dumbbell with the weight tray, but you can always order two to make it a complete set. Even with just one weight, you can do a lot of exercises and alternate between arms, which is actually a useful practice for beginners.

Normally $130, Walmart is offering a single 25-pound Skonyon Adjustable Dumbell with a weight plate (base) for $80, which is $50 off. That means, two of these would normally cost $260, but with the discount, you can get them for $160, or $100 off. Either way, it’s a great deal for an adjustable dumbbell that you can use for so many different workouts and exercises.

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Want to see what else is available or if there are any cheaper sets? We have you covered. We put together all of the best dumbbell deals below.

These adjustable weights give you more options when working out and building your muscles. It can also be easily converted from a dumbbell to a barbell. more
1-year JRNY membership included ($149 value). This adjustable dumbbell pair replaces an entire set of weights from 5 to 52.5-pounds. more
Discount with coupon on page
The weights of this adjustable dumbbell set are quick and easy to change for a seamless workout. You can also save space since these dumbbells with different weight levels are packed in one. more
Discount with coupon on page
To maximize your home gym setup, opting for all-in-one equipment is a good choice. This adjustable dumbbell set can turn into push-up stand bars, a barbell, and a kettlebell. more
This heavy-duty weight bench can hold up to 1100 pounds which makes it suitable for full-body workouts. You can also do a bunch of upper and lower body exercises by adjusting the bench. more
Neoprene-coated dumbbell set for a better grip. HEX design takes up little space and can be stacked for easy storage. Weight sets from 3 to 20 pounds per pair. Great for cardio or upper body workouts. more

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