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These Adjustable Dumbbells are Over Half Off Ahead of Prime Day

You want biceps that pop? Triceps that scare children? An Arnold-caliber chest that doubles as a table on which to set a water glass? Then you need a pair of adjustable dumbbells, which can target every muscle fiber from the top of your head to the soles of your feet. And with the Movtotop Adjustable Dumbbells Set, which is more than half off right now through Amazon’s Prime Day sale event, all that can be yours. With this Prime Day dumbbell deal, you’ll spend less than a month’s gym membership on a great set of dumbbells. Finally, those fitness deals you’ve been wishing for all year are within reach. So take a breath, steel yourself for the effort, and finally pick up some new dumbbells.

The Adjustable Dumbbells Set, as its name suggests, allows you to add or strip weight depending on workout and exercise rather than holding a fixed amount. Those two-headed biceps can’t handle the same workload that your chest and back can, so spin its nuts to tailor your poundage based on progression and exercise. This also makes them perfect for supersets and circuit training where weight has to be quickly adjusted in a small amount of time. An added bonus: Rather than having to store an entire rack of plates and bars, its bars and plates assemble neatly to take up the smallest footprint possible, fitting easily in a broom closet or under a sink. They’re essential for home, office, or garage gyms when space comes at a premium.

Each Movtotop dumbbell can be maxed out to 33 pounds, with plate weights in one-, two-, three-, four-, and five-pound increments. The kit contains 16 plates total. The plates themselves are embossed and sealed, preventing them from rusting over time (a boon for both your palms and your white carpet). Its iron bars are wear-resistant and equipped with a nonslip, grippy surface so you can maintain your hold even during the sweatiest workouts. Finally, the plates stack on the bar so that they create a small, flat area, ensuring that your dumbbells stay put instead of rolling across your floor and damaging the molding. While we can’t guarantee you’ll get your deposit back, these won’t contribute to its loss.

As part of a home gym, the best dumbbells are essential, allowing compound and isolating movements alike, and the upper and lower body are easily targeted and strengthened. They are so essential as to be expected, and if you’ve been waiting to get your own pair, this is your chance.

During the last year, with gyms shuttered around the country and everyone locked inside their tiny apartments, many men suddenly realized that fitness was precious. But even without a once-in-a-century pandemic, some days there just isn’t enough time to get to the gym. For others, the addition of a gym membership’s additional bill isn’t worth the cost. Regardless of your reasoning, there’s never been a better time to build your home gym and build a better body. And with the Movtotop Adjustable Dumbbells Set through Amazon Prime, there’s never been a more affordable time to do it.

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