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This Fitbit Sense Black Friday Deal Looks Too Good to Be True — But It Isn’t

If you want to start tracking your health but don’t know where to start, we recommend picking up this Fitbit Sense Black Friday deal. There are tons of incredible Fitbit Black Friday deals, including one from Best Buy that sees the Fitbit Sense on sale for $100 off, bringing its price down to just $200. As one of the best Black Friday deals, this smartwatch will be in high demand this year, so you should check out this offer before it goes out of stock.

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Today’s Best Fitbit Sense Black Friday Deal

Fitbit Sense on Wrist.

Why Buy:

  • Complete suite of health-tracking features with heart-rate and blood-oxygen monitors
  • Exceptional battery life, rated at up to six days of use
  • Built-in voice assistant support with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa
  • 20 goal-based exercises and automatically triggered exercise tracker

While it’s possible to keep track of your health without a smartwatch, having one on your wrist helps a ton. It provides you with handy vital signs insights, assists you in managing your fitness regimen, and more. Right now, you can pick up a top-tier device in the Fitbit Sense at Best Buy for a significant discount. It’s on sale for just $200, which is a massive $100 off on the original price of $300. That’s a 33% discount! Read on to learn more about this health-focused smartwatch.

If you’re looking for a fitness band that meets all of your needs, you can’t go wrong with the Fitbit Sense — one of the most advanced health smartwatches on the market right now. As soon as you wear it, it’ll start tracking various crucial health statistics, including blood oxygen, heart rate, skin temperature, sleep patterns, and electrodermal activity, which is an indicator of stress. It will notify you if anything seems out of the ordinary. We even named it one of the best travel accessories for long flights because of its comprehensive health-tracking features.

It comes with excellent exercise-tracking capability, tracking your steps, activity levels, and exercise progress. It also provides you with a Daily Readiness Score that uses your vitals and recent exercise patterns and vitals to make suggestions for the day’s activity level. You can select from 20 goal-based exercises or allow the Fitbit Sense to recognize and track your workouts automatically. It’s equipped with a battery that lasts for over six days, so you only have to worry about charging it on the weekends.

The Fitbit Sense is one of the most complete health smartwatches that you can get right now, and it even comes with a free six-month subscription to Fitbit Premium! You can find this device at Best Buy for only $200, which is an absolute steal of a price. Hit that “Buy Now” button as soon as possible since this is likely to be one of the most popular smartwatch deals of the season.

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When Does This Fitbit Sense Black Friday Deal End?

It’s hard to determine at this time. In the past, Black Friday deals usually don’t last much longer than a handful of hours. Taking into account that the retailer has probably put a limited amount of product to the side, it’s fair to say that these high-performance exercise watches could run out of stock at any moment. All aforementioned factors make it unlikely that this deal will last through the weekend to Cyber Monday, so acting fast is highly recommended.

Still not sure? If you’re looking to push your exercise game to the max with this high-tech accessory, our advice would be to act now. Whether because of limited stock or time shortage, this product could disappear at any time. If you’re looking for peace of mind and can’t decide, we’ll make it easy for you. Since there will be a high volume of transactions being processed all at once, it’s unlikely that your order will be fully processed by the end of the day. This means that you can order now, and if you’re still not sure or find something more fitting to your needs, you can cancel your purchase with no added stress.

Should You Shop This Fitbit Sense Black Friday Deal or Wait Until Cyber Monday?

With the global microchip shortage affecting all kinds of electronic devices, it’s unclear if retailers have enough stocks of products like the Fitbit Sense to keep up with the demand during the shopping holiday. This means that you shouldn’t be waiting for Cyber Monday to arrive in anticipation of possibly bigger discounts, as it’s unclear if there will be stock of the Fitbit Sense remaining with Best Buy after Black Friday. Retailers rehash their leftover Black Friday deals into Cyber Monday deals, but that won’t happen with the Fitbit Sense if their stocks are depleted.

To secure your Fitbit Sense, you should buy it from Best Buy’s Black Friday deal. However, you might want to stay on the lookout during Cyber Monday for discounts on the smartwatch. If there’s a better deal, you can cancel your purchase on Black Friday or return the product, so you can buy the Fitbit Sense for a cheaper price.

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