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Cyber Monday deal knocks $100 off the Oura smart ring

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The Oura Ring is an innovative and stylish wearable device that monitors a comprehensive list of health metrics, which will allow you to stay on top of your fitness. It comes in two styles — Heritage and Horizon — and you can get one for as much as $100 off from Oura for Cyber Monday. The cheapest version, the Silver Heritage, is down to $269 from $299, while the most expensive version, the Rose Gold Horizon, is available at $449 instead of $549. If you’re interested, you’re going to have to hurry with your purchase because we’re not sure how long the discounted prices will last.

Oura Ring Heritage — $269, was $299:

Oura Ring Horizon — $449, was $549:

Why you should buy the Oura Ring

Learn all about yourself with the Oura Ring, which we’ve described as the best jewelry fitness tracker. With an Oura membership, it can monitor more than 20 biometric signals from your finger, but its main purpose is to collect and analyze data from sleep. The Oura Ring will tell you how well you sleep every night using research-grade sensors that can detect if you’re getting enough deep sleep, REM sleep, and light sleep, as well as how to make improvements. The smart ring can also monitor your heart rate, activity levels, and training frequency, and will show whether you’re hitting your goals and if you’re giving yourself enough recovery time.

The Oura Ring is very comfortable to wear with weights of 4 grams to 6 grams across the various models, and you’ll rarely have to take it off because its battery can last up to seven days on a single charge. You’ll also get access to Oura Circles, through which you can join the communities built by people who are using the Oura Ring.

The Oura Ring is an eye-catching wearable device that’s very functional, and it could be the perfect holiday gift for a loved one or even for yourself. If you think so too, then you wouldn’t want to miss the Cyber Monday discounts of up to $100 from Oura, with prices ranging from $269 for the Silver Heritage, reduced from $299, to $449 for the Rose Gold Horizon, lowered from $549. The offers may expire at any moment though, so if you want to buy an Oura Ring or two (or more!) for cheaper than usual, there’s no time to hesitate — choose the style and finish that you want and proceed with the purchase as soon as you can.

Oura Ring Heritage — $269, was $299:

Oura Ring Horizon — $449, was $549:

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Tai chi is a type of Chinese martial arts involving slow, intentional movements. This gentle form of exercise offers many great benefits, such as a relaxing and low-impact form of exercise that is accessible to a wide group of people. Like meditation and yoga exercises, tai chi involves intentional breathing, a meditative state of mind, and slow movements that are not intended to be strenuous. Tai chi can help improve balance and posture, increase flexibility, and enhance strength. However, a recent study suggests tai chi might also be useful in helping to lower blood pressure.
Can tai chi lower blood pressure?
Published just a few weeks ago in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), a new study suggests tai chi might be a useful tool in managing high blood pressure. High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, affects more than half of the American population over the age of 20 (according to the American Heart Association). Left untreated, hypertension can cause a number of poor health outcomes, including an increased risk for a heart attack, heart disease, kidney disease, stroke, vision loss, and more.

Researchers who published the study titled "Effects of Tai Chi vs. Aerobic Exercise on Blood Pressure in Patients with Hypertension" explored the results via a randomized clinical trial. This trial randomly assigned 342 adults in China who had been diagnosed with Prehypertension. The group was then split in half, where half of the group practiced tai chi and the other half performed an aerobic type exercise (such as jogging, brisk walking, climbing stairs, etc). Both groups were instructed to exercise for one hour four times per week. Each group followed the exercise plan for a year.
Findings of the study
The results of this tai chi study are certainly interesting -- as the group who practiced tai chi experienced better drops in blood pressure readings than the aerobic exercise group. Researchers found that 22% of participants in the tai chi group had improved blood pressure readings that were now within the normal range (compared to only 16% in the aerobic exercise group). While these results are certainly promising, more research is needed in the realm of tai chi to make stronger conclusions.

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