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Best Prime Day Dumbbell Deals 2022: The Best Sales You Can Still Shop

Prime Day 2021 DumbBell Deals

If you missed the Amazon Prime Day 2022 event, some great brands sold out fast, but you can still grab some Prime Day dumbbell deals, especially through the Walmart Deals for Days sale that is still in full swing. There are Prime Day deals on other exercise gear and equipment as well. Prime Day 2020 had a multitude of good deals, but fitness equipment of all types was in great demand, with low inventories due to the massive pandemic-related increase in-home workouts, plus factory lockouts and shutdowns around the world. This year, we found Prime Day dumbbell sales on everything from light dumbbells for toning to heavy weights for bulking up. If you are looking to add free weights to your workout routine, look no further than these extended Prime Day dumbbell deals. Don’t miss out — we’re not sure if we’ll see these kinds of prices again.

Amazon’s Prime Day dumbbell sales are impressive, and so are the deals on every kind of exercise and sporting equipment you can imagine. Want a new two-wheeler? Check out the jaw-dropping Prime Day bike deals. Ready to hit the water for a full-body workout? Hook up one of the excellent Prime Day kayak deals. Is hiking and backcountry tent camping your thing? Amazon has plenty of Prime Day tent deals and Prime Day camping deals for a full range of equipment, accessories, and apparel. If your summer will include fishing, Prime Day fishing deals await. Regardless of your exercise or outdoor sports interest or passion, Amazon and other retailers have lined up the best selection of Prime Day sales we’ve ever seen.

Best Prime Day Dumbbell Deals Still Available

The set includes a slip-resistant extension bar, converting your dumbbell into a barbell, and adjustable weights to push you to greater heights. more
The dumbbells feature a slip-resistant, cross-hatched handlebar for maximum grip and come bundled with a plastic carrying case for an on-the-go fitness experience. more
This 200-pound pair features rust-free cast iron weight plates in 5-pound increments and textured chrome handles for a nonslip grip. more
These adjustable weights give you more options when working out and building your muscles. It can also be easily converted from a dumbbell to a barbell. more
The polygon-shaped dumbbells can be adjusted from 32.4lbs to 64.8lbs to suit your needs. If you want to level up your fitness goals, a connecting rod is included to convert the dumbbell into a barbel. more
Neoprene-coated dumbbell set for a better grip. HEX design takes up little space and can be stacked for easy storage. Weight sets from 3 to 20 pounds per pair. Great for cardio or upper body workouts. more
Use these nonslip grip weights for any exercise program or cardio. The shape of the dumbbells prevents rolling and makes it easier for stacking. Made from solid cast iron. more
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To maximize your home gym setup, opting for all-in-one equipment is a good choice. This adjustable dumbbell set can turn into push-up stand bars, a barbell, and a kettlebell. more
The eye-catching pastel colors will make anyone in the gym green with envy. Three removable weight blocks are included to level up your fitness routine without purchasing multi-weight sets. more
This adjustable dumbbell employs a push-pull design to help you change its weight, ranging from 5 to 25 lbs, and prevents staining for floorboards with its customized base. more
WF Athletic Supply's dumbbell set range from 5 lbs. to 50 lbs., making it a practical choice for both beginners and athletes. more
CAP's neoprene-coated soft and easy-to-grip dumbbells ensure that you can do your workouts comfortably and safely as these hexagon-shaped heads prevent the dumbbells from rolling when unused. more
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It comes bundled with a carrying case for convenience and an easy-to-assemble dumbbell set that can be converted into a barbell. more
Keep your 15 pairs of 12-sided rubber-encased dumbbells organized with the scratch-resistant three-tier rack that can accommodate a whopping 3,450lbs of dumbbells. more
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Colored in head-turning lemon yellow, the dumbbells have thickened screws and deep threads for stability and neck and shoulder protection. more
Set of two adjustable dumbbells for 60 pounds total. Two handles, four 5-pound plates, four 8-pound plates, and four collars. A non-slip grip accommodates standard 1-inch cast-iron plates. more
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The weights of this adjustable dumbbell set are quick and easy to change for a seamless workout. You can also save space since these dumbbells with different weight levels are packed in one. more
1-year JRNY membership included ($149 value). This adjustable dumbbell pair replaces an entire set of weights from 5 to 52.5-pounds. more
This heavy-duty weight bench can hold up to 1100 pounds which makes it suitable for full-body workouts. You can also do a bunch of upper and lower body exercises by adjusting the bench. more
Runwe's all-in-one dumbbell helps you perform diverse exercises thanks to its adjustable dumbbell-barbell design and 12 weight sets in 4.4- or 5.5-pound increments. more

Amazon slashed prices up to 50% or more on home fitness equipment as part of its Prime Day deals. You can find Prime Day dumbbell sales on individual dumbbell pairs, dumbbell sets. and adjustable dumbbells. Accessories such as dumbbell stands, fitness mats, and fitness clothing are also on sale. Want a fitness watch like an Apple Watch or one of these best Garmin watch deals? You can get those, too. In fact, you can buy an entire home fitness setup at a fraction of their list prices and even their usual sale prices.

As always, the best prices are on older models, but that doesn’t mean you can’t grab some of the newest gear available. The good news on that front is that dumbbells don’t age. Combination dumbbell sets are still somewhat of a novelty, but a 30-pound cast iron dumbbell does one thing, and it’s the same thing it would have done 50 years in the past and will do 50 years hence. Amazon offers flash sales that steeply discount products for a limited time. We advise people to be careful with flash sales or Lightning Deals, but if you see an incredible flash bargain on dumbbells, grab it quick.  Don’t hesitate if the price is reasonable; you may not see this steep of a discount again. Follow our Prime Day deals hub for these short-term sales and snag them before they are gone. You won’t regret it.

Should You Buy New Dumbbells in a Last-Minute Prime Day Sale?

It’s highly unlikely we’ll see better prices than the Prime Day dumbbell sales prices this year. This year’s Prime Day dumbbell deals were the best bargains of the year and were as good as — and maybe even better than — Black Friday deals in November. If you’re in the market for your first dumbbells or want to fill out an existing set, there’s definitely no reason to wait for Black Friday for a possible better deal.

Shopping for dumbbells was fraught with frustration in 2020. All those folks who realized working out in gyms and health clubs might not be the healthiest idea during a pandemic went shopping. And even if the gyms had been open — most weren’t — dumbbells are a perfect way to (literally) grab a little workout during short breaks from working at home — another new experience for many people. So dumbbells were hard to find and costly if you did.

This year, however, manufacturers pulled out all stops to produce as much workout gear as possible, and that includes dumbbells. Dumbbells sell themselves, which is appealing to retailers because they don’t have to hire sales people to demonstrate how to use them. There’s no complicated setup with dumbbells, and seriously, do you think you need insurance to protect against a hunk of cast iron failing? So whether you buy a single dumbbell, a couple of pairs, or even a full set, maintenance costs are nonexistent.

If you insist that any new dumbbells you buy today match all the dumbbells you’ve purchased over the years, then yeah, you could find yourself paying a bit more. If you just want a single dumbbell or pair of dumbbells of a certain weight and you don’t care if all the angles line up when you put them on a rack or on the floor with your other dumbbells, you’re in the best position to save.

Combination dumbbell sets are extremely convenient, and they save a lot of space, too. There are plenty of design choices for combination dumbbell sets. Regardless of the brand, weight range, or style of combination dumbbell sets, you can usually expect to pay a premium. But since most people buy dumbbells on Prime Day a few weights at a time, there are still some incredible deals on brand name combo dumbbell sets. Don’t hesitate if you see one of these set on sale.

How to Choose Dumbbells on Prime Day

Choosing dumbbells is a lot simpler than purchasing most exercise equipment. Dumbbells are even easier to figure out than barbell lifting sets. We’re talking mostly about single-weight dumbbells, not the combination dumbbells, but even with the combo sets, once you figure out how to unlock, change the weight, and then lock the units, that’s it. So if you have dumbbell shopping on this year’s Prime Day shopping list, you don’t need to do much research.

If you start with a working assumption of one dollar per pound (the de facto standard pricing for dumbbells), any Prime Day dumbbell sales that beat that number are worthy. Look around at other Prime Day dumbbell sales quickly before pushing the Buy Now button. When you spot-check prices to compare deals, you don’t have to read much, so why not just be sure. Then, when you know you’ve found dumbbells at the lower price per pound — those are the ones you want to buy.

If you or your family members aren’t keen on you picking up and loudly dropping cast iron dumbbells, you can check out the rubber-coated variety. Or if you don’t like the look of plain cast iron, hook up a set of stainless steel or other metal-casted units. Some people like to buy several sets for when friends and family members work out together and buy a different color for each weight variation. There’s nothing wrong with that approach, and it can make a large group of dumbbells more aesthetically pleasing when they’re not doing their job. Just know going in that if you buy dumbbells by color or special finish, it will cost you.

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