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The Best Black Friday Deal on Weight Benches is This Adjustable Utility Model

Black Friday deals are still available, even now that Black Friday has passed, and Cyber Monday is looming, which means we’re still fully in the deal zone. For fitness buffs, that spells excellent pricing on at-home training equipment like weight benches.

Far and way one of the best deals on weight benches right now is this utility weight bench. It collapses with ease, offers a number of positions for a full body workout, and is tough enough to stand up to the most intense routines. And at the moment, the bench is priced at $98, marked down from an original price tag of $176. That’s an impressive amount of savings, to the tune of more than 55% off.

Everybody knows a solid weight bench is the backbone of every great workout routine. This model will jumpstart your physical training regimen, whether you’re looking to strengthen your triceps, mold your core, or simply set a new personal bench press best. The leather seat is comfortable while the foam foot rests are secure, keeping you stable as you put the reps in. It is stabilized by a durable support pipe and the whole thing folds up for stress-free storage.

For anybody serious about training at home, a weight bench like this is an absolute necessity. It’s a core piece of equipment that will allow you to fine-tune just about every muscle in your body. That said, it’s a purchase you should not take lightly. This bench is going to accompany you through every sweaty routine, whether it set to incline, decline, or flat. It adapts well to sibling equipment, should you want to trick out your space with an added squat rack, workout cage, or Smith machine. And it’s rock solid, built of steel and outfitted with rubber feet to protect your floor.

This weight bench works with you, not against you, and enhances your workout regimen. It’s ergonomic and flexible, encouraging you to enjoy your fitness routine as opposed to just wanting to get it out of the way. It’s of a size that does well in any space, whether it’s an apartment flat, living room, garage, or driveway. And you don’t have to worry about being too hard on the bench, as it can withstand a whopping 500 pounds of pressure.

This deal tops them all but there are some top-notch sales in the weight bench department elsewhere. Retailers from Walmart to Dick’s Sporting Goods are offering some of the lowest prices we’ve seen all year. Places like Amazon are taking more than $100 off of certain benches for the remainder of today and the weekend. If you’ve be talking the talk about elevating your home gym space, Black Friday and Cyber Monday allow you to put your money where your mouth is, and save a good amount of it en route.

After you bring home your new weight bench, flesh out your home setup with complementary Black Friday deals (that are still going on) on things like dumbbells and pull-up bars. Soon, you’ll be putting the reps in, looking after your health, and crossing off some of your physical exercise to-do list that has probably been there for some time.

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