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UFC 297 PPV: Lock in a $55 discount if you sign up now

Free UFC 297 live stream watch strickland vs du plessis.
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We are super excited. Why? The UFC 297 PPV main card fight features Sean Strickland vs Dricus Du Plessis. It’s sure to be a tremendous fight. While that bout is for the middleweight gold title, there’s another title on the line at the event. That’s the women’s bantamweight title during the Raquel Pennington vs Mayra Bueno Silva fight. Not to mention, there are a bunch of other great fights on the card, like Magny vs Malott, Curtis vs Barriault, and Allen vs Evloev. Make no mistake, however, this is a PPV event, which means no free streams- only paid ones. Even so, you’ll definitely want to see these fights live, so it still makes sense to break down where you can do that.

How to watch UFC 297 online with a discount

The ESPN+ logo on a blue background.

This is a pay-per-view event. It’s in the name, you’ll have to pay to tune in live, even online. That also limits where you can watch. Your best options are the official UFC Fight Pass and ESPN+ for an added fee. For each PPV you want to watch, you’ll need to pay $80, but that’s only the cost of the event. If you’re not already subscribed to ESPN+, you’ll first need to do that either separately for $11 per month or through the Disney bundle for $15 per month, which includes Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu. You still need to pay the $80 with that, but if you’re a new customer, hold fast, this is where the discount applies. New customers can bundle UFC 297 with an annual ESPN+ subscription cost for a 30% discount. That drops the total to around $135 instead of the $212 ($132 + $80) it usually costs.

Is there a free UFC 297 live stream?

We’re sorry to break the news. There are no free UFC 297 live streams available. You might be able to visit a local sports bar or venue to catch the fight live, which is another loophole to access the PPV. If you’re in the UK, there is a huge discount on the UFC 297 PPV if you know where to look. First, sign up for a free TNT Sports Box Office account. Once activated, you can purchase the UFC 297 PPV for just $25 (USD) instead of the usual $80 price. That’s a fantastic deal, so don’t miss out if it’s available to you, especially when refunds aren’t possible.

How to watch UFC 297 from anywhere

It might surprise you, but streaming providers like Netflix, ESPN+, and Disney region lock access to certain content if you connect from abroad. You won’t be able to watch even if you’ve paid your subscription. That stinks, even more so if you’re traveling with family on vacation or for work. Don’t give up just yet, though. There is a way to bypass those geo-restrictions.

By setting up a VPN or virtual private network, it assigns you a remote IP outside of the real location where you’re connecting to the internet. That way, if you’re in Europe, it just looks like you’re browsing from back home. Our top recommendation for doing this is . Currently, Nord is offering up to 63% off select plans as part of a New Year’s offer. That brings the price of its Plus plan down to $120 for the first two years, or $5 per month, instead of its usual hefty $254 price tag.

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