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This Mini Fridge That Doubles as a Giant Eraser Board Is the Best Thing Ever

Whether you’re in a small apartment, a college dorm, or you just want to outfit a creative space, a mini-fridge is a must-have, especially if you’re using one in an area far from your kitchen. You can store food, snacks, and drinks inside — adult beverages, too. Except, most mini-fridges are designed to be just that: A cool storage space and nothing more.

If you’re already getting a mini-fridge, why not get something with a bit more function? The RCA 3.2-cubic-feet mini-fridge doubles as an eraser board. Yes, you can write on the front and outside of the fridge, leaving personal memos and reminders, or just sketching some neat stuff. It’s the perfect addition to your space! Walmart currently sells the RCA Mini Fridge for $252 with free shipping and delivery. Depending on when you buy it, you can have it within the next few days to weeks, too!

Why Do I Need the RCA Mini Fridge With Eraser Board?

For starters, this is a pretty sizable mini-fridge. It doesn’t just offer 3.2-cubic-feet of cold storage but also provides quality organization options inside. For example, in the main compartment, there are two adjustable shelves, dividing the fridge into three segments. In the door are various dividers as well, like a built-in can storage system. At the top of the fridge is a small freezer compartment where you can store ice, frozen foods, and snacks. All in all, it’s the perfect addition to any dorm, small living space, or geek cave.

But wait, there’s more. Decked out in all black, the front of the fridge doubles as an eraser board, so you can use dry-erase markers on it. Why is that a big deal? You can leave notes to roommates or reminders for yourself on the front. You could also cover the front of the fridge with illustrations that match your decor or cave theme. It’s neat and functional, but you’ll see just how useful it is once you start leaving small messages for yourself or others. Walmart is offering the RCA Mini Fridge with Eraser Board for $252 with free shipping and delivery. This thing is pretty bulky, so that’s a great deal, as shipping would be costly.

What’s the Best Way to Use a Mini Fridge?

In most cases, you probably don’t want to use this small fridge as your main source of food and beverage storage. Most apartments and homes come with appliances in them, anyway. It’s best for use in an auxiliary room or small living space. For example, if you’ve turned your garage into a man cave, then bam, it’s the perfect beer or soda fridge!

Some people have even turned small fridges like this into a kegerator, complete with a built-in tap. While we don’t recommend that, especially with a new appliance like this, it is an option, and it has been achieved before. You could always use this fridge normally and snag one of the best kegerators instead.

That example also highlights the possibility of using this mini-fridge for more creative endeavors. You could place it outside on a patio next to your grill, for instance, to store the food and meat you’re getting ready to cook! You could hide it under a small bar or shelf to store cold beverages. Plus, with the unique eraser board exterior, you can put all kinds of greetings, labels, and sketches on it.

Either way, there’s a lot you can do with a mini-fridge, especially since they’re so small and compact.