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This Is The Best Cyber Monday Tablet Deal You Can Shop Today

Samsung galaxy s7 11 tablet.

If you’re in the market for a new tablet or know someone that’s got one on their Christmas list, we’ve found the best Cyber Monday tablet deal going on today. Samsung’s powerful Galaxy Tab S7 11.0 is going for $350 today, a $300 discount from its usual retail of $650! Samsung is offering this deal until midnight today, but it’ll only last as long as they’ve got the S7 in stock, so don’t miss it!

The Galaxy Tab S7 11.0 packs a serious punch, and is built to handle everything from streaming video and games to streamlining your workflow. The 11-inch screen features an adaptive refresh rate, which intelligently detects the ideal performance for whatever content you’re viewing and automatically increases the rate as needed up to 120Hz. Combined with its Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus processor, there’s not much the S7 won’t handle. Samsung says the Galaxy Tab S7 11.0 is more than capable of running the most demanding mobile games or multitasking several browser windows and apps simultaneously.

Photo duties are handled by dual cameras on the back, with a 13MP wide lens working in tandem with a 5MP ultra-wide unit. The front camera is no slouch either, and captures pictures and videos using an 8MP lens, which is plenty for anything from high-resolution video calls to standard selfie-duty.

Battery life is another high point of the S7 11.0 thanks to its high-capacity 8,000mAh battery, which charges fast using a USB-C port and has been tested by both Samsung and third parties to last over 13 hours on a single charge. That’s a solid three hours better than the current iPad Pro, mind you, and a whopping five more hours over the Microsoft Surface Pro 7.

Other perks of the Galaxy Tab S7 include its edge-to-edge screen, which keeps colors vibrant and deep, as well as its surround-sound audio, delivered courtesy of four separate AKG-tuned speakers. You’ll also get 512GB of memory built into the S7, with the option to expand storage to a full 1TB with an added microSD card. Gamers will also appreciate that the S7 is compatible with XBox’s new xCloud game streaming app, which allows you to choose from over 100 games to play anywhere there’s a solid Wi-Fi connection.  Pair it with your favorite Bluetooth controller (the S7 runs the latest Bluetooth v5.0) and enjoy titles like Elder Scrolls Online, Halo, Gears Of War, and Forza.

We also love the added versatility of the Galaxy Tab S7, which packs enough battery life and processing power to handle work duties on the go, especially when paired with the optional keyboard/kickstand combo that converts your tablet into a full-fledged laptop and doubles as a protective case.

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