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The Manual’s Made in America Gift Guide

made in america
Every holiday season, we see an overwhelming influx of products made overseas. While it’s okay to give your loved one items made in China, there’s much to be said for gifts made in the U S of A. Generally speaking, purchasing American-made products is better for the environment (shorter shipping journey), better for workers (fairer wages), and just plain . . . better. They might cost a bit more than most overseas products, but they usually last longer, too. So if you’re looking to go above and beyond this holiday season, take a quick look at these fine products — all of which are made in America.

Custom Engraved Rocks Glassesrocks glass

Rocks glasses are an essential part of any home bar, whether one likes his spirits neat or, well, on the rocks. If you purchase a pair of rocks glasses from Iron & Glory, you can choose from a variety of awesome designs, including an octopus, anchor and spear, or elk skull. Iron & Glory also allows folks to create a custom engraving for extra special gifts.

$20 for 2

Madison: The Candlestick Candlecandlestick burned

Nothing sets the mood quite like a candle. They’re also essential during power outages and, of course, reenactments of pre-20th century events. This item appears to be a cylindrical candle with candlestick, but that’s not exactly the case — rather, it’s an all-wax candle shaped like a candle and candlestick. The top part supposedly burns for 4.5 hours, and the base burns for another 12. All candles are hand-cast at Revolution Design House’s Portland, OR workshop.


Boxcar Planterlow res boxcar burned

If you like Revolution Design House’s shtick, but are looking for something a little more permanent, you might check out the Boxcar planter. These handsome planters are made from Ash, and come with stainless steel inserts that make a cozy home for succulent plants. Getting one of these planters is a perfect way for your loved one to add a little life to his living space.


Camp Stoolcampstool_brown burned

Seating is an important aspect of camping. Though your loved one probably won’t be doing much camping for a few months, he’ll probably do plenty of sitting. Wherever your loved one wishes to sit — whether it’s at a tailgate party or in his living room — he would do well to have one of these camp stools from Wood & Faulk. It’s made of stained ash hardwood and English bridle leather, and comes with a leather carrying strap.  


The Stash Leather NotebookStash journal burned

Every gentleman and scholar should have a trusty notebook in which to jot down novel ideas, grocery items, hip hop lines, what have you. If you know of a gentleman writer who is need of a handsome leather notebook, consider purchasing this tasty number from Bull & Stash. It’s made with beautiful oiled leather, and comes with 30 pages of paper bolted in with metal hardware. It’s also refillable.


Draper IIIdraper III burned 2

Though Mad Men is over, its style is not. If there’s a gentleman in your life who you believe can pull off this fedora, consider getting it for him. The Draper III is made from high-quality, superior fur felt and comes in five excellent colors. Legendary hat maker Bailey was certainly around during the Mad Men era, and even provided hats for some of Hollywood’s greatest leading men, including Gary Cooper, Humphrey Bogart, and members of Rat Pack.  


Makr Laptop Casemakr_laptop burned 2

If the fella in your life takes his laptop where’er he roams, then he would likely appreciate a protective case. In addition to being sturdy and durable, this 13″ clamshell case from MAKR looks real pretty. It’s made from heavy cotton duck fabric bonded to foam-lined sanded twill. As an added bonus, there’s an edge on the zipper designed to prevent the zipper from coming into contact with the device inside.


Backpacker Cologne Sample Kitbig backpack cologne burned 2

We absolutely love Juniper Ridge, and will never miss an opportunity to tout their excellence. If the gentleman explorer in your life enjoys the scents of the great outdoors, he would doubtless appreciate this sample kit of fragrances distilled from wild plants of the American West. All wild plants are sustainably harvested, and Juniper Ridge donates 10% of their profits to wilderness conservation.


Rogue Soapsroguesoaps_siskiyouforest burned

Though nice-smelling soap isn’t too hard to find around the holidays, Rogue Soap is pretty danged special. These soaps are inspired by some of the most beautiful spots in Oregon, including the Rogue River, Siskiyou Forest, and Crater Lake. Scent profiles include honey and oatmeal, cedar and sage, and extra-strength peppermint. For every unit sold, United By Blue will remove one pound of garbage from America’s waterways.  


Ultimate American Jacketultimate 3

United By Blue is also offering a pair of uniquely American jackets that are insulated with bison fiber. If it’s warm enough to keep bison alive on the frozen wastes of Wyoming, it’s warm enough keep your loved one comfortable on his outdoor adventures. The sucessful Kickstarter campaign only has three days left, so you’ll need to act fast if you want to snag the Bison Snap Jacket or Ultimate American Jacket at a heavily discounted price.

$178 or $298

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