Suumo: Mural-Sized Street Art for your Walls

Still kicking yourself for missing out on that chance to pick up a bargain-priced Banksy? Don’t trip – it’s not too late to fill up your pad with legit street art, thanks to Suumo.

These dudes make mural-sized reproductions of the most amazing graffiti caught in the wild. Work is plucked from walls all over the US and Europe, and is authorized by the artists themselves to be printed as full-scale photo-real decals, up to 7 by 10 feet in size. Each mural is printed on a premium matte, paper-thin material with a self-adhesive backing, using state-of-the-art high-definition printing technology. The result is an eye-popping, true-to-life reproduction that can stick to anything.

Suumo murals will adhere to just about any surface, will never leave a mark or residue on your wall, won’t damage paint or other surfaces, and can easily be removed, stored, and reapplied in new spaces. Basically, you have no excuse to not get one.

What’s that? Girlfriend won’t let you cover your entire bedroom wall with a gigantic wildstyle throwup? Not to worry – Suumo also sells smaller versions of their murals, and can also print stuff on poster paper and canvas.

Check ’em out!

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