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Sole Bicycles and Richer Poorer Socks Team Up for a Holiday Collaboration

sole bicycles and richer poorer socks team up for a holiday collaboration bicycle header
Solé Bicycles and Richer Poorer Socks partnered up for an unlikely holiday collaboration inspired by the California coast. The two designed a bike and a pair of socks that reminds us of the cool surf and skate designs of the ‘80s. The Manual quizzed Brian Ruben at Solé Bicycles about the collaboration.

Bikes and socks… it doesn’t make a lot of sense to us. But, they are two products that are not very closely associated with each other. What was the inspiration behind
this collaboration and how did it come to fruition?

For years bicycle messengers have been tearing up the streets with one paint leg rolled up to avoid getting caught in the chain.  With this functional fashion statement comes the territory of leaving your sock or ankle totally exposed to the raw elements.  With the spirit of the weary messenger in mind, we wanted to create a piece that was not only functional (athletic) but also aesthetically pleasing, and rooted within our costal lifestyles. That is where the idea to collaborate on a bike and sock was born from the desire to pay homage to the messenger / commuter with a fashion forward coastal holiday spin.

Is this a limited offering or something that will be around for a while?

All great things must come to an end at some point.  At Solé we’ve always believed that small batch limited production runs were what kept the ethos or soul (No pun indented) alive within each bike we created.  With that being said, the short answer is; Yes – this will be a limited offering. We currently have only 100 units available for the holiday season, so send it before they’re all spoken for.

What kind of customer do you hope to attract with this offering? And how would you recommend someone styling the socks/bike?

We’re aiming to attract those who are detail driven, that care about curating every aspect of their lives, with every detail representing their self-expression.  Two items where personality can often get lost in shuffle have always been socks and bicycles – people often settle for a plain white option, or a meaningless hunk of metal.  We’re looking for those who know that a bicycle can be an extension of your personality, and that a pair of socks can actually make or break an outfit.

What is your favorite aspect of the collection?

Personally my favorite part of the collection is the matching accent stripes.Solé signature branding has always included two non symmetrical stripes on the frame of every bicycle we make, so it was amazing to see those same stripes emulated on the matching shoreline frost sock as well!

Will there be more collaborations between Solé and Richer Poorer in the future?

One can only hope my friend, one can only hope…

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