A Sleeping Bag for Knocking Boots in Nature

We’ve all been there – you’re out in the middle of nowhere with your significant other, far away from roommates, thin walls, and complaining neighbors. After the fire dies down, there’s only one logical way to stay warm: crazy wilderness sex that rips the tent stakes from the Earth and wakes up all the woodland creatures within a five mile radius.

The only problem is that banging in your sleeping bag isn’t really an option in these situations. They’re usually designed to accommodate just one person, and rarely have adequate ventilation, so if you want to do the deed in the backwoods, you’ve typically got to go buttcheeks to the wind.

Unless of course you’ve got a Sexy Hotness Sleeping Bag from Alite, that is. These guys know how tricky it can be to bang in a bag, so they created one that makes it considerably easier. Using a set of strategically-placed zippers an buttons, the S.H. sleeping bag allows for easy access to your lower half without fully exposing your midriff to the cold outside air. And as an added bonus, each bag is designed to easily zip into other bags, so with a little bit of extra effort you can make room for two – or even three or four if you’re into that sort of thing.

And better yet – when you’re all done and need to snag yourself a snack, it’s even got little padded footies on the bottom, so you don’t even need to take off the bag or put on shoes before you leave the tent. These guys thought of everything!

You can pick one up for just $169 (of course) or find out more at Alite.com

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