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Silvon gives you clean sheets every night

silvon gives you clean sheets every night silvon1
Did you know that your sheets and pillowcases are full of organisms and other things that could be bad for your health? “After just one night of use, traditional pillowcases and bed sheets can accumulate a horrifying array of bacteria, allergens and fungus,” said Alex Szpakowski. “Studies suggest that some men change their sheets just four times a year and women, every two and a half weeks.”

So Szapkowski gathered some partners and decided to develop a pillowcase and bed sheets under the name Silvon made with the same technology used by NASA to permanently prevent bacteria from growing on your pillowcase. “We don’t wear the same tee shirt for weeks on end; Why do we lay onto a pillowcase that hasn’t been washed in days?” explained Szapkowski. “This simple question became the beginning of an incredible journey to make a revolutionary fabric that would, hopefully, create a whole new category of bedding.”

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Silvon saves the time and energy it takes you to wash your sheets and pillows on a daily basis with pure, natural silver to prevent all those yucky things that usually grown on your pillow from doing so. With Silvon you can rest assured that your bedding is as clean as it should always be.

Szapkowski believes that everyone can benefit from Silvon pillowcases and bedsheets. “From day one we were very clear that our products were a part of a holistic approach to wellbeing. There’s nothing more important than sleep. And it all starts with creating the right environment. We want to bring textile innovations to the bedroom – and believe that Silvon is a product that everyone can benefit from. The modern adult doesn’t have time to wash their bedding daily,  and Silvon allows us to rest assured that we have fresh sheets, each and every night.”

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