Retro Refrigerator: The Smeg FAB28U

retro refrigerator the smeg fab28u refrigerators
As we all know, the ‘50s are back and as stylish as ever — so why not let your kitchen hop on the bandwagon with the Smeg FAB28U refrigerator. The sleek Smeg FAB28U is probably the most fashionable way to keep your food cool, with its retro stylings.

“The idea behind it was to create an emotional product,” said SMEG spokeswoman Francesca Piazza. “Something that is not only a fridge but a versatile appliance that could be fun and inspirational and gives personality to the environment where it is.”

You also may recognize the Smeg FAB28U from the big screen. Invented in 1997, the Smeg FAB28U quickly pushed its way ahead of the curb, earning Hollywood status as it made its way into movies like Mr. & Mrs. Smith, The Surrogates, Terminator 3, Something Borrowed, The Change Up and more.

Slick and versatile, Smeg makes a whole line of retro ‘50s-inspired fridges in a rainbow of colors. Lime green to match your kitchen? They have one in that shade. How about orange to give it a pop of color? Check. Or red to go with your mixer? They have that too. Sadly, if you’re in the U.S., the only Smeg refrigerator available is the FAB28U.

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