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Oxford Pennant Makes Stylishly Sporty, Vintage-Inspired Banners and Pennants

oxford pennant
To go forward, you sometimes have to look back — at least, that’s the philosophy that launched Oxford Pennant, a one-of-a-kind brand that’s here to help you upgrade your space in style.

Founded by Dave Horesh and Brett Mikoll and based in Buffalo, Oxford Pennant‘s unique, vintage-inspired wool pennants and championship banners mix retro inspiration with eye-catching design. In short, any of the brand’s pennants or banners would be a welcome upgrade from that old movie poster you’ve had since college.

And in a shifting menswear world that values stylish home goods just as much as seasonal style essentials, Oxford Pennant is a worthy brand to look into.

“We never set out to start a brand. Buffalo … is a city that looks back in time as much as it looks forward. Brett …  and I would go to estate sales and pick through huge collections of old pennants from the early 20th century. To us, it always seemed like a piece of Americana that had lost its popularity,” Horesh said.

Those estate sale trips led to picking through stacks of old pennants — and the brand’s first design, a “Let’s Go Buffalo” pennant for friends and family. Those pennants quickly gained popularity in the area via Instagram, which led to a deluge of requests and orders — “a company was born,” Horesh said.

And the company’s popularity — and the resulting line — has continued to expand, namely to bold, excellent-looking championship banners and of course, vintage-inspired pennants. For the guy who’s just getting into home design, they’re an easy way to breathe some character and life into a space — even if it’s not the first thing you think of.

“A flag is something that’s always used as a symbol of pride and identity. Pennants are essentially a small, house-sized flag. I think they’re a pretty clear opportunity for self-expression,” Horesh said.  Among the brand’s assortment, Horesh has a special place in his heart for the brand’s “Let’s Go Buffalo” pennant, the design that started it all. But other noteworthy, eye-catching pieces include designs like a black-and-white pennant emblazoned with a call to action: “Not All Who Wander Are Lost.”

Talk about a change of pace from your standard wall decor. And in addition to adding an Oxford pennant or two to your space, Horesh has some simple tips:

  • Start with the classics. Estate sales are a great place to find quality items.
  • A space is always a work in progress. You’ll never be done.
  • Get as many plants as you can. Learn how to take care of them.
  • If you care about something, frame it.
  • Put back the Christmas lights, bro.

At the very least, snapping up a vintage-inspired, entirely unique and USA-made pennant from Oxford Pennant should certainly be your first order of business.

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