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Nima Detects Gluten in Food in 2 Minutes or Less

nima detects gluten in food 2 minutes or less
“If you could test your food for unwanted ingredients in two minutes or less, wouldn’t you?” That’s what the folks behind Nima, a portable sensor that tests food for gluten in two minutes or less, are asking. For those of us who suffer from various food allergies, Nima comes as a blessing.

How does it work? First, load the pod by inserting a food sample to a Nima test pod, then screw the cap closed. Next, turn the Nima on and push the test pod into the gadget until you heard a click. Then, simply wait for the results. According to its website, here a Nima’s key features:

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Sensitive: Detects gluten in 20 parts per million or more.

Fast: Nima’s portable sensor tests your food for gluten in about 2 minutes.

Discreet: The device is small enough to fit into your pocket or a small bag.

Social: Share test results and insider dining tips if you’re avoiding certain foods via the Nima app.

Forward looking: Versions for peanut and milk food testing are in development.

Nima is a fast and easy chemistry test that can be done right in the restaurant at your table, discreetly. You can also access real data via the app, which lets you report, share and read tips for restaurants. It also introduces you to a community of people who reveal which foods at certain restaurants you should stay away from. Thanks to Nima, we no longer have to go through suffering from those annoying gluten or other food allergies that are still a mystery to many.

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