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New Music Monday: Worriers

Worriers band
Worriers CoverWorriers’ first full-length album, Imaginary Life, came out this past Friday (August 7) through Don Giovanni Records. Though Imaginary Life marks Lauren Denitzio’s first time crafting an album’s worth of material, the songwriter is hardly inexperienced. She, along with friends, has released two 7″ singles and a 12″ EP under the Worriers name, and this all comes after a stint as a member of New Brunswick punk outfit The Measure [sa].

Denitizio recruited Laura Jane Grace to produce the record. Before going into the studio with the band, Grace had Worriers accompany her band, Against Me!, on a nine-day tour so that she could get a better feel for their sound. The attention to detail from Grace and Denitzio on Imaginary Life is clear from the outset. Worriers’  previous releases were fuzzy affairs, but the full-length is unashamed of its polish. Room has been made for Denitzio’s voice to shine among the band’s instruments.

Glutton For Distance

Worriers have an unabashedly punk ethos, but the band’s strongest tracks include personal elements to their lyrics. “They / Them / Theirs,” the band’s angry take on the lack of linguistic options for pronouns in the transgender community (“you are stuck between a rock and ‘why bother?’) comes out roaring, but always keep a personal note.

Worriers - They / Them / Theirs (8/7/15)

Worriers’ Imaginary Life is out now via Don Giovanni and is available through Amazon, iTunes, and Don Giovanni Records’ store.

Worriers - Most Space (Official Video)

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New Music Monday: Dexter Story
Dexter Story

Though he first started touring with bands at age 14, Dexter Story did not release an album under his own name until his late 40s. That record, Seasons, came out in early 2013. If it seems like he was uninvolved with music during the intervening years, let me set the record straight. Story has performed with artists from Wynton Marsalis to Ravi Coltrane to Kamasi Washington, to name just a few. He also founded The Life Force Trio with Carlos Niño and was a member of Build An Ark. Last Friday, he released Wondem, the follow-up to Seasons.

The influence of East African music runs throughout the length of Wondem. Though African culture and music have influenced Story throughout his career, Wondem's foundations were laid in when Story began arranging music for the Los Angeles-based Ethio Cali ensemble. From there he began exploring Ethiopian music further.

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New Music Monday: Alberta Cross
new music monday alberta cross

Last Friday, October 16th, Alberta Cross released their third full-length and Dine Alone Records debut. The album is self-titled, which is an appropriate choice considering that it marks something of a new beginning for bandleader Petter Ericson Stakee. In 2013, about a year after Alberta Cross's sophomore album, Songs of Patience, came out, founding bassist Terry Wolfers left the band. This meant Stakee was the sole original member and allowed him to move the project in directions it might not have gone with Wolfers.

Stakee notes, "This is the first time I've done everything myself,” he says. “It kind of brought it back to where I'd started. I'm excited now because I've taken it back. I made this record...I wrote all the songs. It's a fresh start for me. That's why it's self-titled.” Many of the songs on Alberta Cross add vibrant horns to a folky, southern rock sound. That includes the second track, "Ghost of Santa Fe," which indirectly addresses Stakee's solitude in creating the album. "Santa Fe's" lyrics deal with searching, for ghosts, the past, and himself.

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New Music Monday: Mount Moriah
new music monday mount moriah nmm

Durham, North Carolina's Mount Moriah play a brooding, beautiful combination of folk and southern rock. Last Friday (October 9th), the three-piece released a new 7" on Merge in anticipation of the announcement of their third album's release. With only three tracks and clocking in at under 15 minutes, "Calvander" and "Baby Blue (Garage Demo)" b/w "Plane (Live)" makes for a quick, but intense listen.

A wise man once said, "Specificity is the soul of narrative," and Mount Moriah's music embodies that idea to a tee. Vocalist Heather McEntire's impressive voice and storytelling skills paint intimate portraits of life in the contemporary South. Though the immediate scope of the lyrics rarely leaves the interpersonal, it does not need to to show the struggle between new, progressive traditions and entrenched, conservative ones.

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