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Meet the Superyacht Adastra

If that article we posted a couple weeks ago about the Wally 55 Poweryacht gave you a boat boner, then just wait till you see this thing. The superyacht Adastra, which won Most Innovative Design at this year’s World Superyacht Awards, is an exercise in drop-dead gorgeous, ultra-efficient design.

That super sleek, drool-inducing exterior isn’t just for aesthetics either – virtually every aspect of Adastra was designed to keep it lightweight, aerodynamic, and incredibly fuel efficient. On a full tank of gas, this badass 42.5-meter oceanfaring beauty has a mind-boggling 4,000-mile range. That’s more than enough to cross both the Atlantic and Pacific without ever needing to refuel.

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The level of meticulous detail that Adastra’s designers went into to achieve this range is nothing short of amazing. The boat’s trimaran hull was inspired by record-breaking racing boats, but tweaked to decrease drag and increase stability. The deck and superstructure are constructed from carbon fiber and outfitted with honeycomb cores to shave weight without compromising the structural integrity. The hull is a glass/kevlar foam sandwich, and all of the interior wood is lightweight oak with honeycomb panels. Even the hatches, portlights, ladders, and toilets have been custom built to keep the boat as lean and mean as possible.

And despite all this minimalism and emphasis on efficiency, the boat somehow came out looking as sleek and stunning as any we’ve ever laid eyes on. Check out designer John Shuttleworth’s site to learn more about the boat’s revolutionary design, or to find more pictures to drool over.

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