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iRobot’s Fanciest Roomba Robot Vacuum Is an Incredible $400 off Today

Roomba S9 Plus robot vacuum with Braava Jet M6 robot mop bundle on white background.

Autonomous vacuums, known as robot vacuums, are awesome, because they operate without any human input, cleaning a home or space. Roomba is one of the most well-known brands offering quality robot vacuum models, with a bevy of options from cheap to pricey.

Best Buy is currently offering an incredible deal on an iRobot Roomba combo set right now, slashing over $400 off the regular price. You can get the Roomba S9+ (9550) Robot Vacuum with Braava Jet M6 (6112) Robot Mop, in a bundle, for $1,149 with free shipping or in-store pickup. That’s a great deal for this set that vacuums and mops, offering a complete floor cleaning experience!

One of the more obvious questions associated with robot vacuums is how much time and money will a Roomba actually save you? The answer is, quite a bit, but this bundle also includes a robot mop that can clean and sanitize your floor after the vacuum does its work. So, not only do you NOT have to vacuum your floor, you don’t have to mop it either. It’s the “dream team of clean,” with a deep and detailed powerful floor cleaning.

The Roomba S9+ and Braava Jet M6 utilize smart indoor mapping technologies to scan and navigate your home without running into obstacles or getting stuck. They can also guide seamlessly to their charging docks without your help. The Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal system allows the vacuum to empty itself for up to 60 days, as well. That means it can glide around, cleaning, and the dustbin will get emptied into the base, and you don’t have to empty anything until that base is full. What’s more, the mop has a precision jet spray system that can be used to tackle sticky messes like kitchen grease or spills. Included in the bundle are the robot mop, robot vacuum, a clean base automatic dirt disposal system, an extra corner brush, a high-efficiency filter, a charging dock for the mop, and several accessories. You’ll also get a 4-ounce sample bottle of cleaning solution for the M6 mop.

Normally $1,550, Best Buy is offering this huge bundle for $1,149 with free shipping, which is over $400 off the normal price. That’s an awesome deal for such a comprehensive bundle, especially one that will vacuum and mop your floors without any interaction from you!

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