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Whiskey Barrels Remake The Man Cave

If you are the kind of gentleman that likes to sip straight Whiskey and make a statement, hold your shot glasses up for Heritage Handcrafted. The artisanal furniture maker uses whiskey and wine barrels to create several unique furniture pieces. Their latest creation is signature celebratory box complete with a bottle of Belle Meade’s finest bourbon.

The Manual caught up with founder James Broyhill II on his first year in business and what’s on the horizon for Heritage. So what’s next? Leaving a spot open in your man cave for one Broyhill’s distinct pieces – or at the least the whiskey celebratory box

Broyhill unknowingly created Heritage Handcrafted while tinkering around in his shop on an old Whiskey barrel. The demand for his product from family members was enough to push him into business. Not to mention furniture-making literally runs in his blood. His great grandfather, James Edgar Broyhill, was the founder of a North Carolina-based furniture maker Broyhill.

Heritage Handcrafted –artisan by nature – is Broyhill’s take on furniture. His furnishings are crafted out of recycled whiskey and wine barrels. Broyhill said that he was first exposed to furniture building in his grandfather’s wood shop. And he certainly looks like the kind of man who can use a saw.

“When I was growing up my maternal grandfather had a workshop and would take me in there on the weekends,” Broyhill said. “It was a just a way to fill the void of time.”

The first of his creations was the classic bench he made for his mother with that first Whiskey barrel. He has now produced several other items including a coffee table, Adirondack chair/ottoman, a stand-alone sink and a killer chandelier.

Since each item is made of a recycled booze barrel, each carries a unique distressed look and natural curves that adds a bit of Southern backwoodsy charm to any home.

Broyhill said that he wanted to create furniture that is more than simply a space filler.

“I believe it speaks to any man wishing to own something very unique, but functional.  Something with true character,” Broyhill said.

Take look at his site and email James if you want to buy something.

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