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HEKK: The No-Nonsense Hookah

hekk nonsense hookah
Hookahs are the bomb. Smoking the Middle Eastern pipes is a fun group activity, and they provide a pleasant taste. They’re just a pain in the ass to carry around. That’s the problem that Indrek Kuusk ran into when he came for the idea for HEKK Hookah.

“I had dragged my big Egyptian-style hookah to many parties and it always was a pain since it’s quite difficult to handle,” says Kuusk. “So one day when I was snowboarding, I had this ridiculous idea: ‘what if you could ride down the mountain and smoke a hookah at the same time?’”

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When Kuusk went home that day he went straight to work on a prototype that was small enough to fit in a backpack that would eventually become the HEKK Hookah. After several prototypes, Kuusk finally came up with one that fit all his specifications. It tastes milder and easier to handle, plus if it falls over you don’t get the same mess you would with a traditional hookah.

“It’s really handy to use it outdoors, at parties, in your car or just snowboarding down the hill,” says Kuusk. “Hookah bars are specifically happy about the feature of a safe hookah on their customer’s table.”

As for the most awesome experience Kuusk has had with the HEKK Hookah: “The coolest place I’ve smoked HEKK is in Egypt,” says Kuusk. “After a long hike on Mount Sinai in the middle of the night we reached the top just by the time of sunrise and I lit my HEKK.”

You can even see the photos here.        

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