Lose the Heavy Amp With the AmpliTube Fender App

get real rock sound without a heavy amp with the amplitube fender app
Hey electric guitar and bass players, now you can get that rock and roll sound from the comfort of your iPhone or iPad. The next best thing to plugging into a Fender amp has come along — in the form of the AmpliTube Fender app. This handy app comes with all the benefits of a real amp without having to lug around all that weight. The Manual quizzed Davide Barbi, the chief technology officer of AmpliTube Fender’s developer, IK Multimedia, to find out what AmpliTube Fender is all about.

How did the idea for the AmpliTube Fender app come about?
Fender selected AmpliTube as the most truthful and sonically accurate amp modeling software. So we were very pleased and glad to release the first and only official suite of amp modeling exclusively dedicated to some of the best products of this legendary company.

Who did you design the app for?
The app is designed for guitar players, composers, hobbyists, producers, singers, everybody that want to play a guitar with legendary amps tones right on mobile platforms as well as on professional desktop audio workstations.

What is it supposed to be used for? What are its functions?
You can use AmpliTube Fender to play for yourself, for fun, to study, to play live onstage without carrying heavy amps, to record your songs idea with great sounds and so on.

How does it enhance tracks?
The sound of the electric guitar is nothing without a great amp, and AmpliTube Fender simply allow to get the legendary tone of some of the best guitar amps ever made — without having to get, transport and hook-up the real thing.

How different is the app than a real Fender?
The amp models are extremely accurate, in fact they are officially approved by Fender.

What are musicians saying about it?
Musicians love the possibility to play with such fantastic tones right on an iPhone or iPad, this is a truly amazing new possibility that allows to play everywhere in many different conditions with easy setup and killer tone.

For more information, visit ikmultimedia.com.

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