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Feel Good Friday: THX Donates 100% of Profits to Nonprofits

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When you buy most of your products, odds are you’re thinking about yourself — and that’s totally fine. You are, after all, just another bag of bones trying to make it on this planet; it’s OK to be a little selfish. However, what if the basic items you purchased for yourself could also help make the world a better place?

As it turns out, they can! Well, at least a couple items can, thanks to The THX Co. — a Miami-based social enterprise that gives 100% of its profits to non-profit organizations. At the moment, THX just sells coffee and fragrances for men and women; an odd combo, perhaps, but they’ve got to start somewhere.

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THX — pronounced “thanks” — sells three 100% Arabica coffee blends, all of which are sourced from the same micro-farm in Guatemala. Their original Swiss fragrances, 4HIM and 4HER, are also responsibly sourced, and THX oversees every step of the manufacturing process with the utmost care.   


THX is partnered with six worthwhile causes — including clean water in India, women’s health in Guatemala, and foster care in Florida. All you have to do is select a THX product, a cause that you identify with, and a modest donation amount. You get an outstanding product, and a small sum goes to a cause you care about. It’s a classic win-win.

If you’re partial to subscription services, you might sign up for the THX Coffee Club, through which you’ll receive a 1-lb bag every month for the most excellent price of $8/month. Hell, you might consider getting some tasty THX coffee for the whole office. You’ll find that each cup of THX coffee tastes of sweet, sweet philanthropy.

Though you’re likely sick to death of holidays at this point, Valentine’s Day will come around sooner than you think; a THX fragrance may just be the thoughtful, unique gift you need to get into your significant other’s good graces. Indeed, giving THX could be the best way to get THX this February. 

The next time you feel the need to buy a fragrance or bag of coffee, keep THX in mind. By purchasing from THX, you’re not just giving yourself a delightful treat, you’re giving the world a delightful treat.

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