Electric Speed: The Mission One Bike

electric speed the mission one bike ev sport
When Yves Behar was presented with the challenge “to create a design that would be accepted by motorcycle enthusiasts while also being immediately recognizable as a vehicle fueled by alternative energy,” he designed the Mission One EV Sport Bike, revolutionizing the way motorcycles run. The Swiss-born, California-based industrial designer stripped away traditional components like the gas tank and a tail pipe, replacing them with a more environment friendly battery pack.

The result is nothing short of marvelous. Behar created a motorcycle that looks like it drove in from the future. He enclosed the battery pack in a lightweight aluminum structure and covered it with a honeycomb detailed angular skins. The Mission One is a quick charge vehicle, taking up to two hours to charge on a 240-volt outlet, or eight hours at 120 volts.

And not only does this beast of a bike look good, it’s the fastest electric bike on the market, clocking in 150 miles per hour. Plus it has 100 foot-pounds of torque from the first twist of the throttle up to 60 mph. Want to pull a wheelie? No problem this bike can do that too, and at 80 mph.

You can also trust that the guys from Mission Motors know what they’re doing. The company’s founder, Forrest North, put together a team of veterans from Ducati, Ford, Tesla, Google and IDEO.

We know you’re salivating. Unfortunately this baby doesn’t come cheap. It comes with a price tag of $68,995, so start saving up!

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