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Desert Wing’s Sharp Angles Bring Drama to the Desert

Kendle Design Collaborative

Desert minimalism is quickly becoming one of our favorite styles and for good reason. Homes like Desert Wing by the talented folks at Kendle Design Collaborative show us that there is beauty and luxury to be found in looking to nature for inspiration. Don’t be fooled though. Just because the interior design may be simple doesn’t mean the architecture is. Desert Wing is bringing drama to the desert through its butterfly roof, “see-through” spaces, and an enviable wrap-around infinity pool. 

Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, the Desert Wing residence was fully designed with nature in mind. Drawing inspiration from the colors of the desert, the home was built from rammed-earth the color of the sand, concrete the color of the nearby mountains, and locally mined copper that reflects the colors of the sun. The warm, neutral tones help the home blend in with the colors that surround it.

Kendle Design Collaborative

Yet while the colors of the home blend in with the environment, the architecture of the home stands out in dramatic fashion. The angled butterfly roof line swoops outward, creating shaded overhangs for the multiple outdoor patios. There are several reasons behind this unique roof. Looking at it from a practical standpoint, it allowed the team at Kendle Design Collaborative to create a rainwater collection system that redirects moisture to the surrounding vegetation. The overhangs also block out the harsh midday sun, keeping the interior cool and comfortable in the hot Sonoran summers. And from a design standpoint, that sharp roofline is just plain awesome to look at. 

Spreading out over 8,300 square feet, Desert Wing is really two homes in one. There is a guest suite that connects to the main home through an interior hallway but also has its own private entrance. The main part of the home is for the owners and includes a gourmet kitchen with dark cabinets contrasted by counters the color of the desert sand, a great room for lounging in front of the fireplace or watching TV, a formal dining room for large family gathers, and a smaller breakfast nook. Off of the great room is the master suite, which includes the bedroom, two walk-in closets, and a bathroom with a large soaking tub. The master suite also has its own private patio, perfect for enjoying a few sunset cocktails. 

There are many ways to enjoy relaxing outside at Desert Wing. Despite being surrounded by neighbors and a golf course, there’s a great sense of solitude thanks to the clever layout. To offset the sharp angles, a curved wall made from copper provides privacy for the main entrance as well as the entrance to the guest wing, both of which are made from glass. The wall also created the perfect spot for a shared patio, which features chairs gathered around a fire pit. 

Around the back of the home is one of the coolest outdoor spaces we’ve seen. A large patio forms the outdoor family room, complete with a dining table, lounge space, and outdoor fireplace. The fireplace is tucked into a wall of rammed earth that extends out from the home and cuts into the infinity pool. Wrapping around the wall, the pool leads to the master suites which are encased in glass. The wall of rammed earth provides visual privacy for the bedroom, which has its own access point into the pool. It all goes to show, minimalist doesn’t mean boring.

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