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This is the Best Telescope Cyber Monday Deal You Can Shop Now

Whether you’re stargazing or window watching, a telescope Cyber Monday deal can make it more affordable. Industry leader Celestron’s AstroMaster LT 70AZ telescope is almost half-off through Walmart right now. If you’ve been looking to pick up a new hobby that will get you outdoors and into the fresh air, then these holiday savings shouldn’t be missed — they’re about as rare as catching a shooting star.

The Best Cyber Monday Telescope Deal

Two people camping and using their Celestron Telescope.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Why Buy:

  • StarPointer accessory (included) helps beginners quickly find their subject
  • Panhandle head easily adjusts
  • Coated lens reduces haloing and glare for crisp imagery
  • Accessory tray holds essential gear nearby
  • Smartphone compatible, allowing you to discover and capture more in the field

To astronomers, Celestron might as well be a household name. Launched in 1960 and growing alongside the space race, the company’s telescopes have been used by laymen and scientists alike, and they’ve graced both the International Space Station and the White House. Even Obama has viewed the cosmos through the company’s lens! The AstroMaster LT 70AZ telescope may be for entry-level enthusiasts, but it benefits from decades of advancement within the field and the trickle-down of some of the world’s most cutting-edge technology.

The AstroMaster LT 70AZ is a scope and tripod package designed to be taken into the field or used right in your own backyard. The scope’s glass is a 900-millimeter focal length multicoated to prevent or reduce flares and haloing around celestial bodies when working in a blue hour or around city lights. It also includes two additional magnifications of eyepieces — a 10mm and 20mm — to punch in for further review. Its sighting scope, called StarPointer, is a fast means of finding your next star or planet and then switching to the telescope itself for further examination.

However scientifically advanced the AstroMaster is, designers also acknowledged its place in modernity, making it fully compatible with your smartphone for pictures. The adaptor perfectly positions your camera to snap what you saw, while Bluetooth functionality for the camera’s shutter release ensures there’s no handshake as you snap the decisive moment. All owners have access to Celestron’s Starry Night smartphone app, which contains a 36,000-object database, printable sky maps, and 3D renderings of stars, exoplanets, and galaxies. We like this best-of-both-worlds approach to learning easier and faster than ever before.

Its included aluminum tripod is light enough to port into the field or lug up to your building’s rooftop, while a quick-release mount allows you to disassemble the unit for storage or transport. The Alt Azimuth tripod head is intuitive to use and quickly adjusts to your next point of interest.

While there are plenty of tripods out there with more bells and whistles, the Celestron AstroMaster LT 70AZ provides a wealth of function for the beginner while building a bridge to more advanced models. With more than 60 years in the business of showing men the stars, this package is ready to show you the timeless right now.

Should You Shop This Celestron Telescope Cyber Monday or Wait?

While the planets are slow-moving and starlight has traveled hundreds of years to reach our eyes, this deal is much more fleeting. Tech gadgets like this are always popular around the holidays, and plenty of aunts will snap this up as gifts for nephews that really just want a skateboard. You don’t want a skateboard, you want a telescope, so what are you waiting for?

Finally, if you’ve already embarked on the path of discovery and are looking for an upgrade, there’s still a lot to love about this package. Its Bluetooth compatibility represents the latest and greatest of how designers are making this package more adaptable to modern life. You can buy secondhand telescopes with a similar quality of optics, but you won’t find them with this level of smartphone adaptability, and you’ll spend plenty outfitting them to do so. Why don’t you just skip the hassle and get something tailor-made for how you routinely interact with the world?

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