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12 Amazon Black Friday Deals You Can (and Should) Shop Today

Amazon Black Friday deals are going strong, and we’ve picked out the deals you should pay attention to. That’s where we come in — we’ve rounded up all the best Amazon Black Friday deals happening today, right here, in one place.

Best Amazon Black Friday Deals 2021

  • Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K —
  • Instant Vortex air fryer —
  • Keurig K-Mini coffee maker —
  • Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 12 robot vacuum —
  • Lenovo IdeaPad 3 11 Chromebook —
  • Garmin Instinct smartwatch —
  • Apple AirPods Pro —
  • Sennheiser Momentum 3 wireless headphones —
  • Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS, 40mm) —
  • Hisense 55A6G 4K TV —
  • 2020 Apple iPad Air (Wi-Fi, 64GB) —
  • Toshiba 75C350KU 4K TV —

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K — $25, Was $50

Amazon's Fire TV Stick 4K streaming device with its remote.

Why Buy:

  • Easily access and discover 4K content
  • Tap Alexa’s help with the voice remote
  • Quick and painless installation
  • Replace your smart TV’s confusing or lacking interface

Amazon’s Fire TV Stick 4K is a streaming device that provides a vibrant cinematic experience through content in 4K Ultra HD quality, with support for Dolby Vision, HDR, and HDR10+ for lifelike colors and stunning clarity. It’s easy to find 4K content through the streaming device, especially with the help of its Alexa-enabled voice remote. You can ask Alexa not only to find shows and movies for you to watch but also to control playback and launch apps on the Fire TV Stick 4K. Additionally, the streaming device is very easy to install — all you need to do is to plug it into your TV’s HDMI port, connect it to your home’s Wi-Fi network, and the onscreen instructions will take you through the setup process. This means that you can bring the streaming device with you when you’re on vacation, so you’ll never be away from your 4K shows and movies.

If you want an easier way to find 4K content to watch, and if you’re not impressed with your smart TV’s interface, you should purchase the Fire TV Stick 4K. Amazon is selling the streaming device for just $25, after a 50% price cut to its original price of $50, for a $25 discount. It’s unclear how long the offer will last, so you shouldn’t hesitate to click that Buy Now button.

Instant Vortex Air Fryer — $50, Was $60

The Instant Vortex 4-in-1 air fryer with a capacity of 6 quarts.

Why Buy:

  • Prepare fried food without oil
  • Other functions for broiling, roasting, and reheating
  • Easy to clean
  • Cook meals for the family

The Instant Vortex brand tops The Manual’s best air fryer ovens, so you know you’re getting a top-quality product with the Instant Vortex 4-in-1 air fryer, which can also broil, roast, and reheat. The kitchen appliance comes with one-touch smart programs that are customizable, depending on what you’re cooking. For air frying, the Instant Vortex comes with EvenCrisp technology so that the food remains crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside, but with 95% less oil. Cooking with the Instant Vortex 4-in-1 air fryer isn’t a hassle as it has an adjustable temperature and a compact design that fits in any kitchen. Once you’re done, you can just pop the air fryer’s nonstick basket into the dishwasher, and once it’s clean, you can proceed with cooking another meal. The basket holds enough food for a small family, so you don’t have to prepare components one at a time.

If you need help with your cooking, or if you want to elevate it to the next level, then you should buy the Instant Vortex 4-in-1 air fryer. It’s currently available on Amazon for $50, after a $10 discount. You wouldn’t want to miss this offer because of depleted stocks, so you shouldn’t hesitate. Click that Buy Now button as soon as you can.

Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker — $60, Was $80

Keurig K-Mini coffee maker.

Why Buy:

  • Affordable and does the job well
  • Quickly brews for cup sizes of up to 12 ounces
  • Compact size and cord storage reduces clutter
  • Energy-saving feature reduces wasted electricity

Welcome each day with a fresh cup of coffee made by the Keurig K-Mini coffee maker, which can brew any cup size between 6 and 12 ounces using Keurig K-Cup pods. The coffee maker’s reservoir is only for one cup, but the compact size allows it to fit in even the smallest spaces on your kitchen counter or office table. You don’t have to wait long for your coffee as the process only takes a few minutes, so the hot beverage is ready when you need it. The cord of the Keurig K-Mini coffee maker is neatly tucked away to reduce clutter, and the removable drip tray can accommodate travel mugs that are up to 7 inches tall. The device is also an energy saver, as it automatically turns off 90 seconds after finishing your brew.

For a personal coffee maker that will greet you every day with a fresh brew, you should purchase the Keurig K-Mini. It’s available on Amazon for just $60, after a $20 discount to its original price of $80. It’s unclear how long the deal will last, but if you want to purchase the coffee maker for this special price, you need to act fast. Click that Buy Now button as soon as you can to secure your own Keurig K-Mini coffee maker.

Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 12 Robot Vacuum — $240

The Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 12 robot vacuum picking up dirt.

Why Buy:

  • Slim profile lets it slide underneath most furniture
  • Powerful suction strength
  • Won’t fall down the stairs
  • Runs for up to 100 minutes, then recharges itself

Do you need help in maintaining a clean floor? Then you should invest in a robot vacuum like the Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 12. It’s only 2.85 inches thin, so it can slide underneath furniture with ease to clean areas that are out of your sight. With suction strength of 1500Pa, the robot vacuum can pick up all kinds of dirt and dust, while its triple-filter system makes sure that your home is as clean as possible. It’s equipped with a drop-sensing technology so you don’t have to worry about it possibly falling down the stairs, and it even offers multiple cleaning modes depending on what kind of work you need it to do. The robot vacuum can operate for 100 minutes on a single charge, and once its battery is depleted, it will automatically go back to its charging base so that it can get itself ready for the next cleaning session.

Keep your floor spotless with the help of the Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 12, which Amazon is selling at $100 off to lower its price to a more affordable $140, from its original price of $240. It’s unclear if the offer will last through Black Friday, but to make sure that you’re able to take advantage of this deal, you shouldn’t waste time. Click that Buy Now button as soon as you can to get a Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 12 robot vacuum for your home.

Lenovo IdeaPad 3 11 Chromebook — $170, Was $220

Lenovo IdeaPad 3 11 Chromebook 11.6" Laptop open to show screen and keyboard, on a white background.

Why Buy:

  • More affordable compared with Windows-based laptops
  • Relies on web-based apps instead of installed software
  • Chrome OS is quick and easy to use
  • Reliably performs basic functions

If most laptops are still beyond your budget even with early Black Friday deals, it’s recommended that you instead look for a Chromebook. Chromebooks are generally cheaper compared with traditional Windows-based laptops because they use lower-end parts, but they still provide snappy performance because their operating system, Google’s Chrome OS, relies on web-based apps, resulting in lower overhead. The Lenovo IdeaPad 3 11 Chromebook is good example of this kind of laptop — it’s powered by the Intel Celeron N4020 processor, 4GB of RAM, and Intel UHD Graphics 600, but it’s more than capable of handling everyday tasks because of Chrome OS. The Chromebook also comes with an 11.6-inch HD screen, as well as a 64GB eMMC for storage, which is purposely small because you’ll be mostly working with cloud storage when using a Chromebook.

For shoppers on a tight budget that need to buy a new laptop, consider the Lenovo IdeaPad 3 11 Chromebook. It’s available from Amazon for just $170, after a $50 discount to its already low original price of $220. There’s no telling how long stocks will last, so if you think it’s the perfect device for you, there’s no time to waste. Click that Buy Now button immediately, as you might regret it if you fail to take advantage of the offer.

Garmin Instinct smartwatch — $170, Was $300

Garmin Instinct Outdoor GPS Smartwatch.

Why Buy:

  • Rugged design meets military standards
  • Heart-rate, activity, and stress monitor
  • Three-axis compass when GPS is unreliable
  • Long battery life

It might be time to finally invest in a smartwatch, but if you want a rugged device that’s perfect for outdoor adventures, the Garmin Instinct smartwatch is probably the best option for you. The wearable device is built to survive the toughest conditions, as it’s constructed to U.S. military standards for thermal, shock, and water resistance. As a smartwatch, it can display notifications from a paired smartphone, and it can also monitor your heart rate, activity, and stress. It can also keep track of your workouts with preloaded activity profiles, and when you’re running in places where GPS isn’t reliable, it also comes with a three-axis compass, a barometric altimeter, and support for multiple global navigation systems. When in smartwatch mode, the Garmin Instinct can last up to 14 days on a single charge, and up to 16 hours if GPS mode is activated.

It’s not like most smartwatches, but if you need a wearable device that can keep up with your adventurous side, then the Garmin Instinct is the one for you. You can buy it from Amazon for $170, nearly half its original price of $300 after a $130 discount. The deal could disappear at any moment, so if you want to purchase the Garmin Instinct smartwatch with this special offer, you shouldn’t hesitate. Click that Buy Now button as soon as you can.

Apple AirPods Pro — $200, Was $249

Apple AirPods Pro on table.

Why Buy:

  • Extremely easy pairing with iOS devices
  • Effective active noise cancellation
  • Comfortable and secure fit
  • Sweat and water resistant

Apple’s AirPods Pro raised the bar for wireless earbuds, and they continue to set the standard for their competitors. Pairing them with an iPhone or iPad is extremely easy, as you’ll just have to open their charging case and hold them near your iOS device. Once paired, the wireless earbuds automatically connect to your device as soon as you take them out of their charging case. They’re also compatible with Android devices. The AirPods Pro also offer active noise cancellation, which blocks external noise so you can focus on your music or whatever you’re watching, but they also have a transparency mode that lets all the sounds in without requiring you to take them off. The wireless earbuds also offer a more comfortable and secure fit, with included three silicone tips to choose from, and they’re also sweat and water resistant so you don’t have to worry about damaging them during your workouts or when rain suddenly pours.

If you want to buy wireless earbuds, you can’t go wrong with Apple’s AirPods Pro. They’re on sale from Amazon at $49 off, bringing their price down to $200 from their original price of $249. Apple products are always in high demand, so if you want to take advantage of this offer before the deal disappears or stock runs out, don’t waste any time. Click that Buy Now button as soon as you can.

Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless Headphones — $246, Was $400

The Sennheiser Momentum 3 wireless headphones in white.

Why Buy:

  • Active noise cancellation and transparent hearing features
  • Exceptionally comfortable earpads and headband
  • Easy controls with three-button interface
  • Voice assistant integration

For a superior listening experience, you could purchase the Sennheiser Momentum 3 wireless headphones, which separate each frequency so you can listen to the bass, mid-range, and treble in perfect harmony. The wireless headphones also come with active noise cancellation and transparent hearing features, in addition to a three-button interface that makes it easy to operate them. They provide exceptional comfort through the soft leather earpads and headband, so you won’t mind them sitting on your head for several hours. You can also integrate the Sennheiser Momentum 3 with your smartphone’s voice assistant, which you can call with a touch of a button. The Sennheiser Smart Control app grants access to the different noise-cancellation modes and a built-in equalizer.

Audiophiles looking for stylish and highly functional wireless headphones should set their sights on the Sennheiser Momentum 3, which are currently available on Amazon with a $159 discount that brings their price down to $241 from their original price of $400. It’s unclear how long this deal will be available, so to make sure that you purchase these wireless headphones for this special price, you should click that Buy Now button immediately.

Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS, 40mm) — $349, Was $399

Apple Watch Series 6 worn by distinguished professional in suit.

Why Buy:

  • Comprehensive health-monitoring features
  • Automatically tracks your workouts
  • Gorgeous Always-On Retina display
  • Central command center for your iPhone

The Apple Watch Series 6 may have been overshadowed by the Apple Watch Series 7, but it remains a very capable smartwatch that’s worth the purchase. It’s a comprehensive health-monitoring tool, with the capability to track your blood oxygen, take an electrocardiogram, and study your sleeping habits. The smartwatch can also keep track of your daily activities, and take measurements of the different workouts you do, including running, swimming, cycling, and more. The Apple Watch Series 6 will look great on your wrist no matter the time of day because of its Always-On Retina display, which keeps the time visible when you’re not using it. The wearable device may also function as a central command center, as it can notify you of incoming calls and text messages, control music playback, activate Siri, and make payments with Apple Pay.

For a smartwatch with all the necessary functions and health features, the Apple Watch Series 6 remains a solid choice, even with the launch of its predecessor. You can buy the GPS, 40mm version of the wearable device for $349 on Amazon, after a $50 discount to its original price of $399. You have to hurry, though, as Apple products always sell out quickly — click that Buy Now button as soon as you can.

Hisense 55A6G 4K TV — $380, Was $450

A 70-inch Hisense 4K TV with the Android TV interface on the screen.

Why Buy:

  • 55-inch screen is the perfect size for the living room
  • Cinematic experience with Dolby Vision, HDR, and HDR10
  • Easy access to streaming apps through Android TV
  • Google Assistant integration

You should always be on the lookout for a chance to upgrade your home theater setup’s screen, and Amazon’s deal for the Hisense 55A6G may be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. The TV features a 55-inch screen with 4K Ultra HD resolution and a full array LED backlight for sharper pictures, while Dolby Vision, HDR, and HDR10 support enables more vibrant colors and clearer highlights, among others, for an immersive cinematic experience at home. The 4K TV is also a smart TV, powered by the Android TV platform for easy access to all your favorite streaming services. The TV also features a game mode that reduces latency for smooth gameplay, as well as integration with Google Assistant, which you can control through a dedicated button on the TV’s remote.

Amazon’s $70 discount for the Hisense 55A6G is among the best Black Friday TV deals that are already currently available, bringing the 55-inch 4K TV’s price down to $380 from its original price of $450. You don’t want to delay if you think it’s the perfect upgrade for your home theater setup though, as other shoppers may snap up all the stock. You should click that Buy Now button immediately to secure your own Hisense 55A6G.

2020 Apple iPad Air (Wi-Fi, 64GB) — $599

Apple iPad Air (2020 model) on a white background.

Why Buy:

  • Powerful performance for a tablet
  • Eye-catching Liquid Retina display
  • Compatibility with Magic Keyboard, second-generation Apple Pencil
  • Switch to a USB-C connector

The iPad Air is among The Manual’s best products for working from home, as it’s a tablet that’s more powerful and carries more features than some desktop computers. Browsing the internet, watching streaming content, and playing games maximize the fourth-generation iPad Air’s 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display, while Apple’s A14 Bionic chip enables powerful performance for tasks such as shooting and editing 4K video. The tablet also features a 12MP back camera to take such footage, and it’s compatible with the Magic Keyboard and second-generation Apple Pencil for additional accessories that will add more functionality to the iPad Air. Apple promises up to 10 hours of battery life for the Pad Air on a single charge, with a move to a USB-C connector for the tablet.

The Wi-Fi, 64GB version of the 2020 iPad Air is available on Amazon for $539, after a $60 discount to the tablet’s original price of $599. It’s unclear if its stock will hold because of the high demand for Apple products, though. If you want to take advantage of this offer to purchase the fourth-generation iPad Air, you shouldn’t hold yourself back. Click that Buy Now button immediately.

Toshiba 75C350KU 4K TV — $750, Was $1,000

The Toshiba 75C350KU 75-inch 4K TV with The Boys on the screen.

Why Buy:

  • Affordable 75-inch 4K TV
  • A cinematic experience in your own living room
  • Access to streaming service through Fire TV
  • Integration of Alexa skills

For a massive TV that will still fit your budget, you should check out Amazon’s offer for the Toshiba 75C350KU, which features a 75-inch screen with 4K Ultra HD resolution that’s powered by the brand’s Regza Engine 4K. With Dolby Vision, HDR, and HDR10, the 75-inch TV brings the cinema into your home, with images like you’ve never seen inside your living room. Completing the experience is DTS Virtual:X technology, which creates an immersive audio experience to combine with the visual prowess of the 4K TV. Expanding its capabilities is Amazon’s Fire TV platform, which provides easy access to your favorite content, including streaming services, live TV channels, Alexa skills, and other apps.

Here’s your chance to purchase a 75-inch screen for your living room without paying full price, as Amazon is selling the Toshiba 75C350KU 4K TV with a $250 discount that brings its price down to $750 from its original price of $1,000. The offer may disappear at any time though, so you don’t have much time to think about it. If you’re already looking forward to adding a 75-inch 4K TV to your home theater setup, click that Buy Now button to secure your own Toshiba 75C350KU.

Should You Shop Amazon Black Friday Deals Now?

When you’re browsing this year’s early Amazon Black Friday deals and you see an offer that you like, it’s highly recommended that you follow through with the purchase right away. That’s because you don’t want other shoppers snapping up all the stock, as demand is again expected to be higher than supply with the global microchip shortage affecting different kinds of products.

Some customers may be thinking about holding back on their purchases, and instead wait for potentially bigger discounts once Black Friday arrives. While it’s certainly possible, what usually happens is that the prices now are similar to what Amazon will offer on Black Friday itself. If they go lower, it would only be for a few more dollars. It doesn’t make sense to pass on today’s best Amazon Black Friday deals and risk missing out on offers.

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