Assess your Health with the Body Cardio Scale

withings body cardio scale
A conventional scale can only tell you so much information, basically, how much you weigh. But there’s a new product from the folks at Withings that tells you a lot more than how many pounds you’ve packed on. They’ve created the Body Cardio Scale, which they’ve hailed as, “the world’s most advanced scale.” What can the “world’s most advanced scale do?”

It will allow you to get to know your body better. You’ll be able to see just how much your weight fluctuates, and you’ll know more than just your weight. You’ll also be able to gauge your BMI plus body fat, water percentage, muscle mass and bone mass. You’ll also get to know exactly what your heart is doing. The scale tells you your standing heart rate and it can also measure Pulse Wave Velocity to give you a better assessment of your overall cardiovascular health. The medical community views Pulse Wave Velocity as the best stand-alone indicator to provide an overall assessment of cardiovascular health. You’ll be able to find out just how healthy your arteries are. A faster speed means that your arteries are stuff, which means that you’re more likely to suffer from hypertension or cardiovascular disease. That way, you’ll know how what you need to do to get your body in the best shape it will ever be in.

The Body Cardio Scale is the thinnest, most stable scale on the market at just .7 inches thick with a solid aluminum base. On top of that, it only needs to be fully charged just once a year. There’s also an accompanying Health Mate app so that you can track your progress and reach those positive goals. It also acts as your health coach, giving tips and encouragement so that you can get exactly where you want to be. So get ready to take your health to heart with Withings Body Cardio.

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