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Amazon is having a huge sale on Christmas trees, wreaths, and more

decorate christmas tree lights

Christmas is almost here. Whether you can’t wait to decorate or you don’t want to think about it until after Thanksgiving, the holiday is close. In fact, shopping for Christmas gifts is what a lot of the Black Friday spirit is all about. But what about the other important thing you need to buy for? We’re talking about your Christmas tree, of course. Now is a great time to save on lights, ornaments, wreaths, and Christmas trees as well, plus other Christmas gear. Basically, if it can get you ready to be decorated for Christmas, it is on sale now at Amazon. In many cases we’re seeing artificial trees down as much as 50%, 60%, or even higher percentages off. And all you need to do to find them is tap the button below. If you don’t have time to sort through all of it (there are 9 pages of items) we’ll show you our top picks as well, if you keep reading.

Why you should shop Amazon Christmas deals

There are really too many items on sale to take them all in in any meaningful sort of way, so we’ve sorted out the deal based on your wants and needs:

I want the cheapest lights. If you’re after cheap lights, the are down to just $6. They’re interesting in that they are powered by 3 AA batteries and not a plug in.

I want the best (artificial) tree. Hands down, one of the most realistic looking artificial trees is the made by National Tree Company. Right now you can get the 7 foot version for 61% off, dropping its price to $121 from $310. You can explore other size options, as well.

…but I also want it to be pre-lit. There’s nothing wrong with getting a pre-lit tree when you’re going artificial. People love the artificial from the National Tree Company as well. The 4.5 foot, 450 light version is down to $126 from a high of $230. check out other versions as well.

You mentioned wreaths? The National Tree Company, who really is dominating this sale, has their down to just $34 for the holidays.

Still feel like something is missing? You’re probably right, there’s a ton to shop through. Go ahead and comb through the sale again, looking for the items that you dearly need, by tapping on the button below.

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