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31 & Change Releases 16 Skateboards for Summer

As far as skateboards go, it’s quite rare that you see one that is of the all-natural variety. The folks over at 31 & Change, the Chicago-based furniture company — founded by former graphic designer and creative director Kurt Lenard — created a skateboard based on their ethos of designing “with a twist, a wink and a smile in mind.” Each item they make is hand crafted from American wood at 31 & Change’s Chicago studio.

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For the summer of 16 — pardon the Drake reference — Lenard and his team released 16 of their Logan Blvd. skateboards. Each one is completely different because, well each one comes from a different part of the tree. Lenard put on trucks and wheels in a number of colors — purple, green, transluscent blue, light blue, pink, orange, yellow, red, fuschia.

The skateboard works for just about anybody — tech start-ups, bearded and tattooed hipsters, and it’s cool enough for anybody else who wants a skateboard that is sure to get attention. It’s just about as organic you can get, and the one-of-a-kind boards are made from 100 percent real hardwood slabs, so you can see all the natural awesomeness that they come with. We’re talking about all the edges, knots, hole and bark that you don’t get from those plywood boards that are covered in graphics and stickers.

And if skateboards aren’t you thing, be sure to check out 31 & Change’s other “urban rustic” tables, coat racks, and more that are all natural hardwood with a pop of color.
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