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The Single Best Bunch of Flowers for Valentine’s Day 2022

24 pieces of red roses in a bouquet from 1800Flowers.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and while there’s certainly no shortage of options for Valentine’s Day gifts for her, it’s tough to beat the classic bouquet of red roses. There are several retailers that will help you secure flowers for February 14, but it’s highly recommended that you go with 1-800 Flowers, which is currently offering $15 discounts for various packages of its Dazzle Her Day Red Roses. Just the bouquet is down to $55 from $70, and the flowers with a clear vase offering is down to $82 from $67. The 24 red roses with a dazzle vase is down to $75 from $90, down to $89 from $104 if you add chocolates, and down to $95 from $110 if you add the Key to My Heart keepsake. If you want to give everything — the 24 red roses, a dazzle vase, the chocolates, and the Key to My Heart keepsake — it will cost $109, down from $124.

1-800 Flowers is among The Manual’s best online flower delivery services and is one of the most trusted options available, as their products are always fresh, packed well, and long-lasting. That’s what you’ll get with the Dazzle Her Day Red Roses, with the flowers to arrive as a bouquet, in a classic clear hourglass vase, or in a dazzling glass vase with a silver-distressed mercury finish and diagonal glass-cut pattern.

To make the gift even more memorable, you can choose to add an assortment of Belgian chocolate truffles in a heart-shaped box, or a heart-shaped keepsake with a gold key and rhinestones. You can even add both to the bundle for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day gift.

Whether you’re still thinking of what to buy your partner for Valentine’s Day, or if you don’t think your gift will be complete without a bouquet of flowers, you should take advantage of 1-800 Flowers’ discount for its Dazzle Her Day Red Roses. You’ll get $15 off on all the packages, ranging from just the bouquet of 24 red roses, which is down to $55 from $70, to a complete bundle that adds a dazzle vase, chocolates, and the Key to My Heart keepsake, which is down to $109 from $124. It’s unclear how long these prices will last though, and you probably should reserve the package that you want to purchase well ahead of Valentine’s Day. Don’t hesitate — click that Buy Now button immediately for 1-800 Flowers’ Dazzle Her Day Red Roses.

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