Stay in a Royal Navy Helicopter in Rural Scotland

Treehouses, airplanes, cliffside RVs — thanks to sites like Airbnb, there’s no shortage of unique places for travelers to overnight. Now, one Scottish farm is offering guests the opportunity to crash (not literally) in style in a decommissioned Royal Navy helicopter.

Situated just outside the city of Stirling in Central Scotland, the Helicopter Glamping at Mains Farm is a one-of-a-kind experience. The one-“room” Sea King helicopter has been transformed into a campsite that’s equal parts rustic, luxurious, and minimal. The hollowed-out tail section features a custom bed, the cockpit has been converted into an intimate cocktail area, and an outdoor seating area includes a s’mores-friendly firepit amid sweeping pastoral views. There’s even Wi-Fi, a kitchenette, and a bathroom with a shower stall. The only thing guests are requested to bring is their own towels.

Royal Navy Helicopter Glamping
Royal Navy Helicopter/Helicopter Glamping

The inside feels like a modern tiny home with a skylight, patio doors, and soft blue flooring. The exterior, however, received a thorough reconditioning from cockpit to tail. After securing the chopper in an online auction in early 2016, the owners moved it more than 300 miles to its current campsite in Thornhill. They spent the entire summer replacing its original rotor and tail blades and repainting the entire exterior, so it looked as original as possible. While color matching the original paint proved to be difficult at first, they soon realized that farm oxide paint (typically used to finish fencing and buildings around the area’s farms) matched nicely. One of the helicopter’s coolest features is the all original exterior lighting which provides a dramatic — and downright badass — look after dark.

The surrounding town of Stirling is one of Scotland’s most popular tourist destinations. While it boasts all the trappings of a typical modern British city, its Old Town is a wealth of historical interest points. At the center of the district, atop a dramatic volcanic rock formation, sits Stirling Castle. The 19th-century National Wallace Monument tower offers panoramic views of the landmark Battle of Stirling Bridge — an iconic site where William Wallace defeated the English army in 1297. In typical Scottish fashion, the nearest pub is also just a five-minute walk away.

One-night stays (for two adults) at Helicopter Glamping at Mains Farm start at £150 (approximately $200 USD) per night, while two-night stays are just £125 per night. Extended stays are discounted even further.

Image Courtesy of Helicopter Glamping

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