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Walmart Cyber Monday Deals Drop This Inflatable Hot Tub to $299

If you’re looking for an inflatable hot tub Cyber Monday deal to step up your outdoors space, this one might be too good to pass up: The SaluSpa Madrid AirJet hot tub usually retails for $350, but it’s on sale for just $300 at Walmart today and packs some impressive features for the price. It’s got dozens of five-star reviews from happy customers who laud it for its ease of setup, sturdy construction, and fantastic price point — and that was before it went on sale.

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Today’s Best Inflatable Hot Tub Cyber Monday Deal

SaluSpa Madris inflatable hot tub cyber monday deal.

The SaluSpa Madrid Airjet has room for four adults thanks to its 71-inch diameter, and unlike many $1,000+ hot tubs, it’s a breeze to own and maintain. That’s because this tub includes convenience features like an automatic heating function that protects both the water pump and the liner itself from being damaged by cold weather. That means you don’t have to worry about coming back from a winter vacation expecting a relaxing soak only to find a cracked and leaking tub waiting for you. The same goes for the SaluSpa’s convenient ChemConnect feature, which automatically maintains your tub’s chlorine levels with an automated dispenser to keep the water stable and sanitary.

And although the tub’s digital control panel is simple, straightforward, and easy to reach from inside the tub, this spa also includes wireless connectivity via the Bestway Smart Hub smartphone app, allowing users to control everything from the temperature of the water to the air jet massage system remotely from any connected device. Speaking of the jet massage system, the SaluSpa Madrid Airjet cuts no corners: Bestway’s air jet system packs 120 separate jets into the body of the tub, which release warm air from the tub floor at two selectable pressure levels to create that relaxing massage of steamy bubbles we all look forward to when climbing into a proper hot tub.

This inflatable spa also features a programmable timer via the wireless app which allows you to set a schedule for the water temperature up to 40 days in advance. This is another great feature that makes owning the SaulSpa a pleasure: It’s hot when you need it to be and on standby when you don’t. That saves owners from any undue surprises on your electric bill that often result from keeping a hot tub on full blast 24/7.

Why This Inflatable Hot Tub Is Worth Buying

A few things set the SaluSpa Madrid apart from the competition in our book: For one, the long list of convenience features from automatic heat control to automatic chemical maintenance takes a lot of the sting that’s typically associated with hot tub ownership out of the equation.

This tub also gets properly hot rather than “hot-ish,” with a peak temperature of 104-degrees — ideal for those chilly evening soaks. It’s got other convenience perks you’ll appreciate too, like cup holders and an integrated water filtration system. But honestly, the biggest perk for us might be the Madrid’s appearance.

That’s because, where other inflatable hot tubs typically look like little more than blow up air mattresses with shiny black or blue vinyl walls, the SaluSpa features a faux woodgrain wrap around the tub, which lends it the refined appearance of a traditional rustic spa rather than the eyesore status of a front yard above-ground pool (you know the type).

When Does This Inflatable Hot Tub Cyber Monday Deal End?

Technically, Walmart’s Cyber Monday deals are running all day today, but we wouldn’t wait too long to scoop this hot tub up if you’ve been in the market for one. Walmart is only offering the deal until they run out of stock, and with pandemic-induced demand levels, we don’t expect it to be around for long.

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