Peek Inside NoDa House, a Reimagining of Traditional Mill Houses with a Modern Twist

There’s a reason mid-century modern homes are just as sought after today as they were half a century ago. Timeless, full of light, and providing a connection to nature that brings serenity to the home, Mid-Century Modern is the dream home for many. The only issue is the price. Most of us can’t afford a million-dollar Eichler and have to settle for homes that are lacking in style or are full of cheap materials. Enter Perry Poole Architects, a full-service architecture and design studio creating homes that bring style and value to the North Davidson neighborhood of Charlotte, North Carolina.

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While Mid-Century Modern homes are a dime a dozen on the west coast, they are harder to come across on the east. With the Modern Revival movement gaining popularity across the country in recent years, many are looking to build homes that incorporate the high-end look but without the high price tag. Architect Perry Poole’s NoDa House does just that, using simple finishes, modern architectural lines, and spaces that allow for a strong connection between inside and out.

Built as a case study, NoDa house was an experiment of sorts for Poole. It is a reimagining of the area’s traditional mill houses with a decidedly modern twist, paying homage to the history of Charlotte while adding a fresh new look to the NoDa neighborhood.

noda house perry poole architects charlotte north carolina 2

Outside, NoDa House has a simplistic look that belies the stylish interior. Clad in grey painted larch shiplap with no trim and a single window, the home appears to be a small, single-story dwelling from the front. But the hidden entry is a clue to the fact that this seemingly understated home holds a few secrets within.

Stepping inside, NoDa House reveals itself to be a light-filled, open, two-story home full of style. The upper floor contains the family room, master suite, and a powder room. The family room, which consists of the living area, dining area, and kitchen, features floor-to-ceiling windows, flooding the space with natural light and connecting it to an outdoor corridor. This covered walkway leads to the back of the home where the “front” porch was relocated from the entry to the rear, taking advantage of the views and privacy created by a stream and evergreens. Going down to the lower level, there are two more bedrooms with a shared bathroom and a studio space.

noda house perry poole architects charlotte north carolina 4

To complement the architecture of the home, NoDa House was outfitted with Modern Revival furnishings and natural materials. White walls allow light to bounce around the rooms making them feel bright and inviting. The natural white oak flooring throughout the home is balanced by touches of marble like on the kitchen counters and the fireplace surround. Carrera marble tiling in the master bathroom adds a high-end touch to the space.

What Poole has created with NoDa House could very well be the future of housing for millennials and it’s exactly what we’ve been waiting for: homes that offer value without scrimping on style.


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