8 Naturally Awesome Grooming Brands

8 naturally awesome grooming brands jr
There was a time when natural grooming products were equated with dirty hippie or just straight up patchouli. Sure, they might have been made from hand-picked, locally-sourced, organic ingredients and clearly better for you than the chemical crap, but they also smelled funky, didn’t produce results, and could only be acquired from making a trip to a crunchy health food store. Today, there are loads of small, artisanal brands giving green a good name with cool packaging, effective formulas, and more mainstream distribution. Here are eight of our favorite eco options.

Hudson Made

homemade soapNamed for its home base in New York’s Hudson Valley, Hudson Made focuses on the attention to detail and craftsmanship only achieved through small-batch production. The aim is to preserve the manufacturing practices of yore. Even if you don’t have the toughened skin and callouses of a man that works with his hands, you’ll still be able to appreciate the softening effects of the handmade Workers and Scullery soaps.

Portland General Store

Portland GroomingOriginally sold out of an apothecary of the same name in Portland, Maine, Portland General Store eschews synthetics in favor of locally-sourced vegan, organic ingredients. Its popularity means it has outgrown the shop and is now more widely available, but the products retain the same artisanal quality, like the colognes inspired by old-fashioned recipes and made of essential oils and cane sugar alcohol.

Juniper Ridge

natural cologneWhen Hall Newbegin started Juniper Ridge, a natural perfume and soap line, over ten years ago, his only goal was to make a living out of what made him happy—the great outdoors. Demand has been such that he now has a team of people to help him forage for the fragrant and medicinal plants that grow along the trails of California and the Pacific Northwest and go into the body washes, colognes, and beard oils.

Dr. Squatch

natural soapsThe soaps of Dr. Squatch (the mythical Sasquatch is its mascot) are for the outdoorsy, adventure-seeking, active dude, who still cares deeply about personal hygiene and the environment. Each of the eight scents, from Pine Tar, Bay Rum, and Cedar Citrus, is meant to appeal to the manly man. Monthly subscriptions ensure you’ll never be without a bar.

Grown Alchemist

Australian skincareGrown Alchemist founders Keston and Jeremy Mujis are like your typical Aussies, perpetually outside engaging in outdoorsy-type pursuits. This means they’re hyperaware of the damage the sun can do to the skin. And so they created an eco-friendly skincare line that depends on naturally-derived formulas to get the same anti-aging results as synthetic-based products.


Beard Oil Back in 2010 when Anne Serrano-McClain whipped up MCMC‘s first batch of 100% natural Dude No. 1 beard oil, the concept of an oil made specifically for a guy’s facial hair was a novelty. Now of course they are everywhere. But there’s nothing quite like the original. The oil’s spicy, woody blend of ginger, pink pepper, and cedarwood was so popular that Serrano-McClain included it in a cologne and candle.


face cream The harshest of conditions, say a freezing, windy day spent on the slopes, is no match for Buckler’s intensely hydrating skincare offerings. And if the damage has already been done, slather the Daily Face Repair and Chapped Skin Remedy on for instant relief. Chemical-, color-, paraben-, petroleum-free formulas mean that even sensitive types can use it.

Dear Clark,

hair productsIt might seem everything is bigger in Texas, but Holly Dear and Kaycee Clark of Dallas-based Dear Clark, thought small when creating their six-piece unisex haircare range. And they thought local, too, sourcing natural, results-oriented ingredients, like aloe, sunflower seed oil, and Rose of Jericho, grown within the Lone Star state.

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