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This Smart Body Scale Is ON SALE for $20 at Amazon Today

A Renpho body fat smart scale stands upright next to a phone with the Renpho smart app on its screen.

Unfortunately, not everybody is great at keeping up with their fitness or dietary goals, especially with a busy day of work, family, and hobbies. This is where fitness tech can come in handy, as it not only helps you keep track of your overall fitness and your goals with something like a fitness tracker wearable but also helps keep you motivated to keep going for as long as you can. For example, this Renpho smart scale, which we consider one of the best smart scales, keeps track of your weight and a variety of other stats on your body, and right now Amazon has discounted it to just $20, down from $35.

What makes this Renpho smart scale an impressive device is the connectivity to your smartphone, which increases its value tenfold. While you can certainly use it as a traditional scale, the app grants you access to many other stats that Renpho can measure, such as body fat percentage, BMI, bone and muscle mass, and even metabolic age. In total, there are 13 different stats that the Renpho scale can provide and thereby help you decide what’s the best way to approach your fitness and your overall goals.

Not only that, the Renpho smart scale tracks all this information over several months, so you can see how well you’re doing on your goals, and you can even set your own goals in the app to help you keep focused on moving forward. Also, if you use an Android device with Samsung Health, you’ll get an extra benefit out of the Renpho since you can link the applications and have your stats updated directly into Samsung Health, giving you an even better overall picture of where your health and fitness stands. Plus, you can share your successes on social media with other folks, which is always a nice feeling!

The Renpho smart scale is a pretty good investment if you’re looking to upgrade your overall fitness or diet tracking, and the deal from Amazon bringing it down to just $20 makes it an even better investment overall. Also, if you are working on losing weight, checkout out our tips for losing weight at the gym to give you an added boost.

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