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Cyber Monday Deals Bring $600 in Savings on this Rowing Machine

This Cyber Monday rowing machine deal is an absolute must purchase for anyone looking to significantly upgrade their home gym. The ProForm 750R Smart Rowing Machine with Digital Resistance is now $397, that’s $600 off the regular price of $999. That’s incredible 60% off on a top-of-the-line rowing machine and one of the best Cyber Monday deals we’ve seen so far. Jump onto the huge discount for this ProForm 750R Smart Rowing Machine before the item sells out. Still not sold? Keep reading to get the specifics on the ProForm 750R Smart Rowing Machine and find out why adding this fitness machine to your home gym will give you the body you want in the coming year.


Today’s Best Cyber Monday Rowing Machine Deal

Best Cyber Monday Rowing Machine Deal 2

Why Buy:

  • 24 digital resistance levels
  • 5-inch multicolor backlit display screen
  • Adjustable tablet holder
  • Oversized steel seat rail
  • Pivoting pedals with adjustable strap
  • Spacesaver design

The ProForm 750R Rowing Machine delivers a gym-level workout right in your own living room, bedroom, or home gym. The automatic trainer control allows you to digitally adjust your resistance to create a totally immersive exercise experience. This Cyber Monday rowing machine deal also includes a free 30-Day iFIT Membership to elevate your exercise with interactive personal training right in your own home. Embark on a virtual journey around the world while the automatic trainer control allows your iFIT Trainer to digitally adjust your resistance to create a totally immersive exercise experience. You can stream live workouts and events or choose from thousands of on-demand workouts.

The rower comes fully assembled to provide an intense workout thanks to 24 digital resistance levels. You can adjust the difficulty to build strength while getting up your heart rate for an intense cardio workout. The multicolor display tracks all of your vital stats like distance traveled, time elapsed, and estimated calories burned.

The real selling point of this ProForm 750R Rowing Machine Enjoy is the total body support thanks to an oversized cushioned seat mounted on a solid steel rail providing a smooth, comfortable ride every time. When the workout is done, the ProForm 750R Rowing Machine folds up for optimal storage. It’s perfect for people with less storage room and minimal living space.

This Cyber Monday rowing machine deal is perfect for the experienced athlete or an absolute beginner. Rowing machines provide a low impact, total body workout that increases endurance, builds strength, tones muscle, and benefits the heart and lungs. The health benefits of rowing far outweigh the cost of a rowing machine, and at $397, which is a 60% drop for a huge $600 off the regular price, the charge isn’t really too much to handle.

When Does This Cyber Monday Rowing Deal Machine End?

Buy this ProForm 750R Rowing Machine to your home gym or put it under the tree on Christmas right now. A report from Adobe Analytics shows that out-of-stock alerts continue to rise and are over double the rate they were pre-pandemic. We’re not quite sure when this Cyber Monday deal will end, but we do know one thing – supplies are limited. This Cyber Monday rowing machine deal is far too good to pass up.

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