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How Tempo Studio Can Change Your Life (For the Better)

Tempo Studio in apartment living room

If you want to maintain your health, you need to exercise, even just for a few minutes per day. The challenge, however, is when you have a busy schedule between work, your kids, and whatever else you have going on. You’re not going to suddenly find some free time to head to the gym, let alone to invest an hour with a personal trainer. Skipping your workout is not ideal for your body, but unfortunately, it’s a reality for so many of us. Reading this, you may even be late for your kid’s practice already, or to pick up the dry cleaning.

It’s so much easier to work out from home. What if you could skip that commute to the gym, or time spent in it, and instead, work out in your living room without losing out on all of the perks? That’s precisely the idea behind Tempo Studio, a complete — and smart — home gym system. It fits neatly inside any size space, even a studio apartment, and includes everything you need to get active and get started. And thanks to Tempo’s offerings, you’ll get access to thousands of live and on-demand workout courses, and support from an AI-driven personal trainer. If your interest is peaked, pull up a chair and keep reading! You can always head over to Tempo’s site to learn more, as well.

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More Than a Set of Weights

With the Tempo Studio, you’re not just getting a set of weights, or a big display, you’re getting the whole package. Where the Tempo Move requires you to supply your own TV or display, that’s not the case with the Studio. What’s more, it offers an incredibly personalized experience, with options to choose what exercises you’re doing, what courses you’re watching, and when you’re working out. Think of it as your own personal trainer, on-demand and ready to rock, exactly when you are. There’s no need to book a session. Instead, you can be flexible as to when you participate. Even if you feel like a 3 a.m. workout, Tempo is ready for you. That’s awesome news if you work an odd schedule or you simply don’t want to be tied down to a set time. You don’t have to get dressed or head to a local gym, either.

Built into the system are weight plates, which you can use to work out, as well as a large display — you don’t need to supply your own TV. It has some very cool technology integrated called 3D Tempo Vision. That means it can learn about your body and your ambitions, ensuring each workout is highly personalized for your needs and abilities. Whether you’re super new to working out and need some low-impact options or you have lots of training, Tempo will offer you the right guidance.

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It’s Designed for Any Space

Tempo Studio interactive home gym system in small apartment.

Want to place it in your home office? No problem! Would you rather find a spot in your living room? That works too! How about a minimal apartment with incredibly limited space. Yep, that will work out great, as well.

The whole system will fit inside a small apartment without taking up too much room. You’ll need to set aside some space to work out, but other than that the Tempo Studio can be placed out of the way, and closes up when you’re done using it. That wouldn’t be much use if it was tricky to set up, but the Tempo Move is super convenient. It has a 42-inch touchscreen display, incorporated into the system, so there’s no need to drill holes in your walls or mount a display. Renters and those keen to have smooth walls will be delighted, we’re sure. It also means you can be reasonably flexible with where you place it, and you don’t need to plan everything around your TV — it already has what you need.

Underneath the screen is where you store the weights, and there is just the right number for you here. You get 75 pounds of weight plates along with two 7.5 pound dumbbells. There’s a 5mm workout mat too as well as four collars so you don’t really need to add much more to this setup. It all stores neatly under the screen, so it looks great in your home. You, or your family, won’t be tripping over weights either, since it all packs away nicely.

Change Your Lifestyle: Get Active Now

Think about what it would take to start getting your life back on track, and exercising regularly at a local gym. Besides your schedule, another hurdle that’s often associated with working out, and gym memberships, is the cost. You have to buy new equipment, new clothing, pay for a membership, gas to travel back and forth, and sometimes food or beverages. Tack on the cost of a personal trainer and you’re looking at a real expensive life change.

Tempo Studio eliminates a lot of that by allowing you to work out in the comfort of your home. No one cares what you wear. All of the equipment you’ll need is included. You can add more at your own behest, when you’re ready to do more workouts — or not. Tempo’s home workout systems are so exceptional, they are on our list of 2022’s best at-home workout equipment for Men.

Plus, compared to gym memberships and the cost of hiring a personal trainer, Tempo is an excellent alternative. Right now, it’s $2,495 for the main unit which includes the display, all of the weights, and the base to store everything.

It’s $69 per month for a Tempo membership, but that covers up to six accounts so the whole household can get involved. For the price, you get access to expert trainers, new live workouts each day, plus a huge library of on-demand classes, with thousands to choose from. From yoga and kickboxing to cardio and beyond there’s sure to be something for you, and everyone else in the household.

Convenient, well priced, and better than any other home gym equipment? Yup, that’s why Tempo Studio is a real game-changer. It will change your life too, because it’s so much easier to get active and workout from home, and it takes a lot less motivation.

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