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How Tempo Move’s Compact Modular Fitness Is Changing the Game

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It’s 2022, there’s no reason you should be commuting to a gym, and there’s no reason you should be adjusting your schedule to match the availability of a personal trainer, either. Instead, make them come to you.

You undoubtedly have a busy schedule, between work, your family, and maybe even school. Even if you wanted to spend what little free time you have at a gym, working out, things can get in the way. Maybe a meeting ran late? Or, you have to get your kids to practice. Perhaps you need to rush home before everyone else to cook dinner? Whatever the case, it’s stressful and you shouldn’t have to organize your routine when there are perfectly good solutions for doing it all at home, on your time.

With that busy schedule, you also need something that’s going to hold you accountable, keep you motivated, and deliver exactly the right workout at the right time. And that’s where Tempo Move, powered by 3D Tempo Vision technology, fits right in with your everyday routine.

What’s So Special about Tempo Move?

Tempo Move is an all-encompassing home gym that’s lightweight and intelligent. It converts any living space into a workout zone, complete with real-time feedback. It connects to your TV, and select iPhones, to deliver exclusive workouts, real-time guidance, performance tracking, and much more. You can also access thousands of on-demand and live classes via the Tempo Move, with more added weekly. Depending on which variant you chose, Tempo Move versus Tempo Studio, you’ll get equipment — like weight plates — but you can also use any equipment you already own. We’ll take a closer look at how it all works below, or you can always check out Tempo’s home gym system.

The 3D Tempo Vision scans and recognizes Tempo’s smart weights, as a smart equipment package, to track usage, reps, and more. It can also offer guidance as to how you should be using those weights and what workouts you can do to improve your routine.

The compact and modular design means it can fit into any living space, big or small. If you have a studio apartment, then no problem! If you have a bigger family home, then great!

It connects to your TV but also swaps seamlessly between that and your iPhone for a full personal training experience. At the top of the unit is even a stand to hold your iPhone in place — which will also display relevant stats when docked through the Tempo app. The idea is that (almost) everything you need is included. You just add a TV, iPhone, and maybe an Apple Watch or Tempo heart rate monitor to get the most from it.

Everything fits seamlessly into your household, but beyond the physical equipment, you’ll also benefit greatly from the AI-driven real-time guidance and engagement. Namely, you’ll be presented with a ton of workouts whether you’re looking for strength training, boxing, HIIT, cardio, meditation, yoga, or something else. There are thousands of live and on-demand classes available through Tempo Move’s database. And it’s all available right when you need it.

Do I Need A Lot of Space for the Tempo Move?

Comparable gym systems usually need a lot of space if you want to make the most of them, but the Tempo Move isn’t like that. One of the best things about it is that it fits seamlessly into any living space, and integrates with your lifestyle. At just 24” x 18” x 18” the unit can fit easily into your home even if you live in a small apartment. It’s a lot like the Tempo Studio in that, besides offering yourself enough room for your workouts, the physical unit takes up minimal space.

Moreover, since it connects to your TV — or iPhone — both of which you already have, and includes the weights inside the unit, there’s not much else you’ll need to accommodate, other than some space to do your workouts, of course!

What Are the Skill Requirements?

There are none!

You can be an expert, with years and years of training, or a novice with almost no prior experience. Not to mention, the Tempo Move is designed to provide you training, with interactive classes, at exactly your pace! They are called Tempo, after all! You can start with some of the best dumbbell exercises for beginners. Or, jump ahead to more advanced training if you like! It’s all up to you, and you can spend your time the way you want.

OK, but is Tempo Move Expensive?

Tempo Move offers incredible value, and while it’s ordinarily $495, right now it’s on sale for $395. On top of that, you pay $39 per month for a membership that offers up to six accounts. That means up to six people in your family can create an account on the same Tempo unit, to workout, and track their progress.

Compared to the cost of your average gym membership, coupled with the fact that you’ll be working out in your own home, on your time, the cost is more than justified. Moreover, think about how much it would cost if you hired a personal trainer. With the Tempo Move, you get the equipment, a personal trainer that will hold you accountable, plus live or on-demand classes. At this point, what are you waiting for?

Will I Actually Keep Using Tempo Move?

It’s easy to buy home workout equipment that you’re crazy about for a little while then get bored of but we’re pretty confident about Tempo Move.

It comes with a bunch of cool stuff to start you off, with thousands of classes and workouts meaning you’ll be eager to go back for more. It’s not the kind of thing you’re likely to get bored of any time soon because variety should keep you keen. It preserves your motivation too and adapts to your lifestyle and activities. It will tailor your training plan as you improve, keeping you challenged yet interested.

Thanks to the modular nature of the Tempo Move, it’s easy to pack away and pull back out again so it fits well into your home. There are also plans for barbells and kettlebells to be added to the system, so it’s the kind of thing that should grow with you.

Having fun while making progress is always the best way to work out more efficiently because you’ll stick with your new routine. Then, of course, there’s the final point, which is that Tempo Move is a blast to use!

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