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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Down to Lowest-Ever Price for Cyber Monday

Deals are flying this way and that, including this Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Cyber Monday deal, and we can barely keep up — we’re sure it’s the same for you! It helps to have an updated list of the best Cyber Monday deals, but some deals are so good, they deserve a callout of their own. That’s precisely what’s going on with this deal on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. Normally $250, the price has been slashed by $50, so you can grab it for the low price of $200 today.

You can also get an extra $10 off through the Samsung Discount Program. If you’ve been waiting for a good deal on this smartwatch, or any smartwatch for that matter, now’s the time to take full advantage! We have no idea how long these discounts or the inventory are going to remain available. You can check out that deal below, or keep reading to learn more about one of the most stylish and best smartwatches for men out there.

Today’s Best Galaxy Watch 4 Cyber Monday Deal

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

Why Buy:

  • Available in a variety of styles
  • Track fitness, health, and body stats
  • Get Google apps and services on your wrist
  • Includes 60-day Strava subscription

Right now, you can secure Samsung’s latest Galaxy Watch 4 for $200 with free shipping. That’s $50 off the normal price and an all-time low for this gorgeous wearable!

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is highly customizable, thanks to a wide variety of color options and styles. You can decide precisely what visual style matches your personality, choosing a color, band options, and more. Of course, it’s the software and hardware features that really make the experience, and the Galaxy Watch 4 has a lot to offer on that front. You get body composition analysis, ECG readings, advanced sleep, continuous SPO2, fitness, and auto-workout tracking, and much more. You also get remote notifications, sent from your phone, and if you choose the LTE model — over just the Wi-Fi — you don’t even need a phone.

The sleek and lightweight design won’t bog down your wrist and won’t get in the way, no matter what you’re doing. Samsung’s bands are comfortable and you can always change them out, like a traditional wristwatch. The upgraded version of Tizen OS on the Watch 4 provides access to Google’s apps and services. There’s a lot to love here, and that’s why the Watch 4 is such a hot item.

If it were any other day, you’d be paying over $250 for the Galaxy Watch 4 after shipping and fees. Thanks to this Cyber Monday deal, that price drops to $200 with free shipping, one of the best we’ve seen all year. The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, in stainless steel, is also on sale for $300, normally $350. We’re not sure how long either of these deals is going to last, and some styles are sold out already. Act soon if you want one!

Should You Shop This Galaxy Watch 4 Cyber Monday Deal Today or Wait Until Tomorrow?

Are you wondering whether you should get this deal right now or wait until Cyber Monday? Here’s our advice: get this deal right now. It was recently reported from Adobe Analytics that retailers are running out of stock faster than pre-pandemic days. So if you’re planning to wait a bit and buy it later, you very well might be out of luck. There’s also no guarantee that this deal will remain available, especially for in-demand Samsung products like the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. So if you’re looking to step up your connectivity and fitness game, acting now is your best bet.

The good news is: If you happen to wait and see this Samsung Watch at an even lower price, you should have a good amount of time to cancel your original order and buy the watch at the new reduced price. If the Samsung Watch has already shipped, you can return the original item for a full refund. However, if this deal expires, there’s no way to turn back time. A tip for getting the best deals out of the weekend: try playing retailers against each other and look for ways to compare and get the items you want ahead of time instead of waiting. There’s no time to waste — if you’re looking to get this fantastic tech on your wrist, pick up the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 as soon as possible.

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